Sauna equipment innovations in 2019-2020

Sauna equipment innovations in 2019-2020

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Every year, the largest manufacturers of saunas invest substantial sums in the production of new products and renovations of old ones. Harvia, one of the most famous Finnish manufacturers of saunas and accessories, is no exception, and this year also presents quite interesting innovations that sometimes even fundamentally change the functionality and experience of saunas.

The sauna heater is controlled by a mobile phone

Are you coming back from a hard workout and would like to experience the pleasures of the sauna as soon as you throw off your things and clothes? You should usually heat up the sauna for a couple of hours before you can use it. Harvia has developed a special controller. You will need a Wi-Fi connection at home, a smartphone and the Shelly, Google Home or Alexa app. With this, you will be able to turn on your sauna heater with your phone. It is possible to connect only to heaters with the following control panels - "Xenio", "Xafir" and "C150VKK".

"Harvia Plus Spot" - wireless activation button

Until now, the control of the sauna heater required a special electrical installation. When the sauna is already installed and only the heater is to be changed, any electrical installation work can be a serious and costly challenge. The electric heater "Harvia Plus Spot" has a special activation button that can be installed practically anywhere near the sauna cabin. You simply press that metal "dot" stuck on the door or wall and your sauna heater is on. "Plus Spot" works remotely - no wires!

Heater "Glow" and interesting design solutions

One of the innovations is the design of electric and wood-burning sauna heaters. Harvia wants your saunas not only to be functional and quickly heated to the required temperature, but also to look luxurious and stylish. Harvia "Glow" heaters have already been introduced, which are now also available with an external control unit. It is mounted on the wall and is completely resistant to heat, moisture and even the attention of children.

Two types of heaters are offered on the market - "Glow Tower" and "Glow Corner". "Tower" is a cylindrical tower, and one part of "Corner" is triangular, so that such a heater can be installed in the corner of the sauna. Additional uniqueness is created by special wooden guards that prevent accidental contact with the heated stones.

The design of "Harvia Pro" wood-burning heaters has also been updated. Now the corners are rounded and some parts are made of stainless steel. As a result, they are easy to maintain, and the heater itself with its glass fuel door looks impressive and has a very calming effect on everyone warming up in such a sauna.

Among other Harvia news are high-quality and luxurious sauna textiles and other sauna accessories, which turn the sauna into a luxurious and impressive space for family relaxation.

These are just a few innovations for saunas from the Finnish sauna manufacturer Harvia, which arrived this fall.