Sauna equipment innovations in 2019-2020

Sauna equipment innovations in 2019-2020

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Installation of sauna or spa room at home is the dream of every person who appreciates body revitalizing treatments. In order to have the best possible experience and to combine aesthetics and functionality it is worth carefully choosing the sauna equipment and finishing materials.

Harvia, a leader in sauna products, exporting products to more than 84 countries around the world, offers many exciting innovations for the 2019-2020 season. Offered innovations could rationally fulfill your needs and become your aim in order to improve experience of the sauna pleasures. Finnish manufacturers, who have been specializing in this field for almost 70 years, always pay great attention to quality, comfort and the latest technology, which is why they are highly valued by professionals who are constantly installing baths.


The latest Harvia season collection


Harvia offers even more practical technical and highly sophisticated design solutions in its latest season collection. It is worth to start with the selection of the most appropriate stove - after all, this is the basis of quality while experiencing sauna pleasures. Fresh lines of the new design Harvia PRO solid fuel stove are fascinating. New advantages of electric stoves are also attracting and enticing. The Glow EE stoves, unique in two designs, will now feature a user-friendly touchscreen electronic control panel. The control panel will provide easy control of the oven temperature, digital temperature display in the sauna will also enable to see changes of the temperature. Moreover, it will enable easy setting of the turn-on/off time, running time and will enable to turn on or turn off the light.

Cilindro Plus SPOT electric stoves might be the right choice for your sauna, if you are eager to have the latest technology in your newly built sauna. They are especially suitable for young families, which are designed so that the oven is safe to use when there are young children in the sauna. Moreover, the oven mechanism has additional protection against overheating, which ensures maximum safety and enables to fully enjoy your sauna and create unforgettable moments of sauna pleasures.

However, the most intriguing of all newly offered innovations is the Harvia Spot Wireless Control Switch. The round silver switch in elegant design can be mounted on a surface of your choice and does not have any additional external wires. The switch makes it safer and easier to operate the oven remotely and also enables to easily replace the old oven with the new one. This is a truly unexpected and exciting innovation in the sauna equipment market.



Modular control of electric sauna heaters by phone


Probably the most intriguing is Harvia's new modular phone sauna heater control. Special oven control mechanism is connected with your home wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi), so you can use the Shelly® mobile app on your phone to 

turn the oven on or off with just one touch.

As we make progress every day towards the smarter homes, our aim is to enable you to be comfortably controlling all your devices from anywhere in the house, or even turning on the sauna before returning home – in case you suddenly find out that unexpected guests are about to come. The modular control of the oven by telephone provides this opportunity and frees you from careful time planning.


Increase of the sauna safety 


Sauna safety is certainly not the least important factor when installing a sauna. With the choice of a wall-mounted Harvia stove, the manufacturers offer to use an additional heat protection by installing a practical glass wall in front of the stove.

The 2019-2020 Harvia product range attracts a glance introducing  a toughened glass wall with LED lighting and its subtle reflection. Transparent glass does not obscure the look of the stove, and stainless steel fittings look attractive. In addition, there is the option of choosing a wall without LED lighting - if this additional feature is not of interest to you.


Modern sauna decoration solutions


After the primary bath equipment is installed, you can think about the rest of the decoration. From now on, Harvia makes it even easier to install sauna benches in both small and extra-large saunas. For this purpose, manufacturers offer comfortable longitudinal boards of alder, hardwood, untreated or heat-treated aspen. Benches made from such boards are very comfortable and have little mold cavities. The combination of Finnish sauna traditions and Scandinavian style has been chosen in the design of the sauna exterior materials. Made of Canadian spruce wood: flooring, wall, ceiling and roof finishing details will allow you to implement original sauna building solutions in your homestead or garden.

Wider range of bath products


As soon as we get into the process of sauna installation, we realize how the process is made easier by the fact that many accessories are available from the same manufacturer. Finnish sauna equipment innovators are well aware of this truth.

The Harvia black stainless steel bucket and scoop will add an astonishing accent to your sauna and will last for years. An easy-to-understand thermometer-hygrometer will allow you to monitor changes in humidity and temperature in the sauna, making it easier to set the required parameters.

Working with textile manufacturer Luhta home, Harvia designs unique high-quality linen towels and pillows that are highly absorbent and quickly evaporate moisture. New textiles will blend perfectly with the style of your bathhouse, whether you are renovating or newly fitted, you won't need to look for the right accessories in other manufacturers' stores, or mix shades or textures.

While choosing finishing details and equipment remember that investing in quality and safety always pays off and your interest in innovation expands your possibilities. All of the above enables you to make your sauna or spa a real place to spend time with family and friends, also as to regain strength and beauty. The official distributor of Harvia products in Lithuania is Poilsio Sprendimai, Ltd. Evaluate your needs, options, consult a distributor and choose everything what will help you create a sauna that every guest who visits it would envy.