Why sauna caps are used?

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Sauna caps are very important attribute when going to a sauna. They protect your head and hair from overheating when being in hot sauna; overheating may occur in high temperatures. The head is the most sensitive to sauna heat – you may feel dizziness, hair may become drier and capillars on the skin may be exposed. All of this can happen while enjoying the sauna. However, when the sauna cap protects the head, you will be able to enjoy the healing effect of sauna for a long time.

Moreover, sauna caps are an irreplaceable helper when battling for the beauty of your hair. Sauna caps protect hair from drying up; without it, the hair loses a lot of moisture. Thus, they become dry and week; sauna caps protect against overheating and undesirable effect of high temperature.

In modern times, the market offers a huge assortment of various sauna caps, which suits everyone’s taste. Because they’re so popular, the masters create stylish, funny and exceptional design sauna caps. You can choose the one you like the most and you will be able to enjoy good sauna more pleasantly.

From what Material Sauna Caps are Made?

There are various sauna caps. This business niche has wide assortment of them. The worst choice is synthetic sauna caps, you should not even think about it. In any case, synthetic isn’t suitable, because not only does it not protect your head against high temperature, but also it may even harm it. Usually, sauna caps are made from wool or fur. It is best when they are natural without additional dyes.

Some sauna lovers put on a towel as a helmet or a turban instead of a sauna cap. This is not bad, you can do it in fact. But, in order for your head and hair to be safe, you should adhere to a couple of requirements: you must often dampen the towel with cold water and make sure that it is firmly put on your head and covers all of your hair. However, it’s not always possible to hide all of your hair under the towel. Moreover, usually, at the most inconvenient time, the towel slips off your head and you need to repeat the actions. All of this is a tedious and annoying procedure. Which is why sauna caps were made.

It is strictly forbidden to use rubber-swimming caps in the sauna; they really heat up your head and may cause a heat stroke. Furthermore, these type of caps put pressure on your head and you may feel a migraine and illness, while a sauna was built to be able to relax and enjoy yourself!

Lastly, felt and wool sauna caps are considered the best. They effectively protect your head and hair from overheating.

Sauna Caps from Wool and Felt

Sauna caps are made from wool, which has thermo-regulating properties. You will feel comfortable when wearing wool or felt caps while being in a hot sauna room; this way, you will be able to be there for a long time. Sauna caps are easily maintained. You can wash them by using soft washing preparation or soap, which is suitable to use on wool. The caps are washed by hand or by washing machine, but you need to set the “wool regime” there. If you decide to wash the caps by hand, you need to remember that wool needs to be washed in lukewarm water.

Sauna caps made from felt have an exceptional design. Usually, they’re hand-made, thus, they’re unique, one-of-a-kind with a vast assortment of design models.

What do you need Sauna Caps for?

While being in a hot room, your head heats up sooner than your body. According to the laws of nature, hot steam and sauna warmth goes up. Next to your head, the hottest temperature exists; your blood pressure raises. This is the reason why later your head feels heavy, you feel drowsiness and weakness, and it is hard to breath. Many people do not like saunas for these reasons, but it is only because they do not protect their head. We tend to forget that the most important organ – the brain – is responsible for everything. In order to protect your health, it is mandatory to purchase sauna caps.

What Sauna Caps Should be like?

In modern times, it is not difficult to purchase sauna caps. Practically, in every shopping centre there is a sauna merchandise aisle, where not only sauna caps, but also other goods are sold. When choosing a cap, the most important thing to do is to pay attention to the material from which it is made and to its quality. The material must have high insulation properties. Sauna caps must steadily stay on your head and cover your head until eyebrows. Throughout the whole time you will be in the sauna, you need to keep the sauna cap warm. Remember, the head heats up very fast.

Irreplaceable Sauna Caps

Sometimes, sauna caps are exchanged to plain damp towels, which are rolled around like a turban. Some recommendations for women: if you are using special means to strengthen or restore your hair, then it is best to put on your head a towel or a cap and go to the steam sauna. Believe us, you will have a splendid result that will surprise you. The best masks are the heat. The heat of the sauna will perfectly carryout the job and sauna caps will protect your hair from too high temperature. Moreover, it’s simply fine to use a sauna with a sauna cap on. Your ears do not burn, your hair is protected and your head does not over-heat too quickly. Sauna caps are a wonderful insulator. They maintain constant temperature on the head. This way, you protect your head and are able to enjoy a long sauna use.

Sauna caps are an essential element for each sauna user. They are used to protect your hair, skin and head against over-heating and burns. Every time you go in to the hot room of the sauna, it is recommended to use a sauna cap.

It is always pleasant to receive a gift, which captivates and warms your heart, more so when it is practical and associated with your hobby. Sauna caps will be a perfect gift for your relatives or hard-core sauna lovers. If you do not wish to gift them, you can simply buy them for yourself and enjoy a splendid and safe sauna.