Which sauna is better - Russian or Finnish?

Which sauna is better - Russian or Finnish?

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It is really difficult to precisely say which sauna is better. This is a difficult choice. Finnish and Russian saunas have their own pros and cons. In modern times, we know many various forms, types, structures and sauna designs. Depending on the temperature and moisture of the room’s air, these saunas maybe differentiated to a couple of categories:

  • Moist sauna (Russian);
  • Turkish Bath;
  • Dry sauna (Finnish).

All of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, this time, we will discuss Finnish and Russian saunas, and their differences.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna is an exceptional place where you can relax the best and enjoy peaceful relaxation or individual meditation. Furthermore, such sauna is quite hot. Finnish sauna has the same qualities, which are beneficial to human body, as the Russian sauna. Nevertheless, the peculiarities of using the Finnish sauna are different than using the Russian sauna. Finnish sauna is the most important competitor of all usual types of Russian saunas.

Important recommendations when using Finnish sauna:

  • Do not use it right after a meal.
  • Do not use it after consuming alcohol.
  • Do not be in the sauna for more than 15 minutes, it is best to do a little break.
  • Due to high temperature, it is best to sit on the towels, because you might burn yourself.
  • Prior to going to the sauna, you need to take a hot shower and then dry off your body and head.
  • When going to the sauna, you should always wear a sauna cap in order to protect your head and hair from overheating.
  • When going to a Finnish sauna, it is important that your hair be dry; it is recommended to breathe through your mouth and avoid talking.
  • It is recommended to lay in the heating room, but your legs should be a bit higher you’re your head.
  • It is best to use water to refresh yourself.
  • After the heating procedure, it is recommended to take a shower under a cool water. In order to boost your immune system, the colder the water, the better.

If you follow these rules, rest assured that you are using the Finnish sauna correctly and do not harm your health. Many of these rules may be applied to other saunas.

Russian sauna

Russian sauna has many admirers. Modern technologies allow making the sauna more comfortable, to install it in your house or in the cellar and to connect it to the plumbing system. However, the majority of people adhere to traditions – a sauna must be built near body of water and must be separated from other buildings. Russian sauna has less heat, but more moist, while Finnish sauna is gradually drier, but has higher temperature. Unexperienced sauna goers believe that the higher the temperature, the more benefit it has – it is not entirely true. In Russian sauna, the temperature fluctuates from 60 to 70 °C, while moisture is up to 60 %. With these moisture indicators, further increase in temperature creates a negative effect on the heart and its system.

Correctly installed sauna is only half the work. It is also important to generate good steam in the steam room. The air must be moist, but also clean. Prior to stoking the sauna, you need to place spruce branches on the sitting places. Prior to going in to sauna, it is recommended to pour on to the wooden walls or heated stones herb scales. The main attributes of Russian sauna is birch or oak bathing rods. Before using, you must soak the bathing rod in water for at least 15 minutes. Russian sauna is no place for slouches, because you need to continuously move, work with your hands and not sit on the bench. Your heated body will thank you for this; when it will be hot enough, it will be a real pleasure to dive in to the snowdrift or ice cold water.

Russian sauna has classic room layout variant and is composed of three areas: anteroom, washroom and steam room. These are the mandatory rooms. In addition, next to the sauna, you can install another room, which is leisure, where you may relax or take up easy activity. The sauna itself usually is built as a separate room, which is why, there has to be a locker room or a dressing chamber. The steam room has the most important role when planning a Russian sauna. The area of this room must accommodate at least two people, who can easily walk around in there.

In Russian sauna, stone furnace heats the air of the room. This furnace is stoked with firewood. You can change the temperature and moisture of the room depending on your own needs when the water is poured on the stones. If you will not pour the water, you will make dry sauna. The major difference of moist sauna from other saunas is that the room is heated by steam. Water steam directly enters the steam room. It is not recommended to be in such sauna for more than 20 – 30 minutes, because you will feel ill.

Essential Differences between Finnish and Russian Saunas

Finnish and Russian saunas are very similar in accordance to their affect and benefit for human body, however they have several usage differences. Essential differences between Finnish and Russian saunas:

  • In Finnish sauna, the temperature of steam room may be up to 130-160 °C, which is a lot higher than in Russian sauna. The steam room also has relative moisture difference – if Russian sauna has 90 %, then Finnish sauna has no more than 20-25 % of moisture.
  • Another difference: Finnish sauna does not have bathing rods and steam; in such high temperature, bathing rods can easily burn down your skin.
  • People go to Russian saunas to heat up and afterwards to dose off under cold or even ice-cold water, while people that go to Finnish saunas like room temperature water, in which you can even bath.
  • In Finnish sauna, electric furnace is the primary heating source of the room. You can essentially increase the moisture in the room and decrease the temperature up to 60 – 80 °C by pouring water on the walls and stones.
  • The point of Finnish sauna is that the body warms up to the point until you start to sweat profusely; the sweat later evaporates from your skin. This protects the skin from overheating. Furthermore, it creates a spending therapeutic effect.

If you will know how and which sauna must be used and how to properly use it, you will create good and funny mood, increase your immunity system, better your health, psychological and physical condition.