Which sauna doors are the best to choose?

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Sauna doors play an important enough role for a good sauna. Classic Russian sauna with steam room is very popular. In order to achieve good hot steam, you need to adhere to all of the structure and finishing requirements. Sauna doors are no exception. This time, we’ll discuss from which wood sauna doors are manufactured and what their types are.

Which sauna doors are better?

Traditional Russian sauna has no less than 2 doors – these are the entrance doors to the steam room. There may be more doors, depending on how many rooms the sauna has. In order to make the right choice regarding the sauna doors, you need to understand and know their types and characteristics. According to material, there are a couple of types of sauna doors:

Full wooden – sauna doors may be manufactured from various types of wood; they can be simple or with decorative elements. These sauna doors emit a splendid natural wood smell;

Glass – sauna doors manufactured from heat resistant glass, the thickness of which is 8 mm. They may have opaque texture or printed drawings with almost unlimited colour spectre.

Combined – sauna doors manufactured from wood or metal with glass inserts.

Near the entrance you can have whichever you want sauna doors; there are no limitations, the important thing is for the heat not to dissipate. However, steam room doors have a couple of requirements, which you must adhere to:

In order to achieve low heat loss, i.e., low heat conduction.

Ecological and cold resistant sauna doors.

Very sturdy sauna doors.

Long lasting sauna doors.

Safe sauna doors.

Sauna doors must be heat resistant.

Resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Resistant to rot and mould formation.

Sauna doors must be easily opened and not to have any locks; in the event of an accident, people should be able to easily walk out of the room.

The experts recommend mounting glass sauna doors in Russian saunas, while wooden or combined - in Finnish saunas. Due to the possibility to create air circulation in the sauna, the bottom part of glass sauna doors is 5 cm shorter than standard doors. It is not acceptable in steam sauna, because you cannot allow the steam to leave the room. This problem is easily solved by creating a larger threshold.

The visitors of traditional Russian sauna want that the whole interior in the sauna and steam room would be made entirely out of wood. However, bolder people choose modern technologies and install glass sauna doors. Today, there are many technologies, which allow creating nice drawings not only on wood, but on glass as well. Due to this reason, we not only receive huge benefit for our health, but aesthetic pleasure as well.

Sauna doors and their types

Sauna doors may be manufactured from various wood; however, it must have good quality and be heat resistant. We will discuss a couple of wood types:

Linden sauna doors. From ancient times, linden sauna doors have been highly valued; they did not lose their popularity in our times as well. They do not heat up in high temperature and heat conduction is lower than other types of wood.

Aspen sauna doors. Aspen is one of the cheapest woods, which perfectly maintains heat in the sauna; sturdy sauna doors are made from it.

Larch sauna doors. They are very resistant to moisture and density. Moreover, larch has nice texture. Sauna doors made from this wood look very nice; you can lacquer them at the top and maintain nice texture.

It is not recommended to use plastic sauna doors, because in high temperature plastic may melt. Furthermore, the plastic will emit toxic materials, which harms human and animal’s health. As an alternative, you can use PVC foam doors, which are moisture resistant and due to a special film precludes the spread of fungus and mould.

Metal sauna doors are a perfect choice when thinking about contributions. Metal is a sturdy material, which may come with beautiful finishing, which can be lining coated or with array and heat insulation. These sauna doors are perfectly capable of handling their functions.

The representatives of traditional sauna procedures orders and wants that sauna doors be carved-out in accordance to ancient traditions. This is done, because they feel aesthetic pleasure when going to this kind of sauna. Adjustable sauna doors aren’t used in steam saunas; they are more suitable for dry saunas. Adjustable doors will not hold the steam; they will exit the room. Turkish Bath’s doors should adhere to the very same requirements and standards as Russian ones, even though the air in them is softer. Traditionally, Russian sauna doors should be made out of wood. They must be able to maintain low heat conduction, due to which the heat is maintained for a longer time in the sauna and the steam will not be able to exit.

Sauna doors and their types

Sauna doors may differ according to their type. Id est:

Entrance sauna doors – the primary task of them is to be sturdy and maintain common heat in the sauna by not letting it out. Usually, entrance sauna doors are additionally insulated.

Sauna doors leading to steam room – the primary task of them is to not let the steam and heat exit the steam room; they maintain moisture and heat.

Interior sauna doors are mounted only, if the sauna has additional rooms, such as leisure room or shower cabin. If the whole sauna is design in Russian style and purely from wood, the best option is to mount artificial wood sauna doors, which will give originality to the design.

Thus, as we see, sauna doors play a very important role, if you want to have good and quality sauna. When choosing sauna doors you need to be familiar with the types of them and pay attention not only to your tastes, but also to the advices of the experts. Only then, you will make a right decision in choosing good sauna doors.