What you need to know about a sauna and its installation

What you need to know about a sauna and its installation

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Perhaps, there is no need to talk about the usefulness of sauna. If you regularly go to a sauna, it eliminates the toxins, successfully combats cold and stress, ensures health and provides many other pros. In the modern society, when everyone often forgets themselves due to haste, sauna is a splendid solution for relaxation after a hard day of work, to release the accumulated tension and forget the experienced stress.

At the same time, mainstream sauna lovers do not know much about installation of saunas. Simply put, many people only know that dry steam is best, good sauna is when the heat is no more than 100 degrees, and that sauna is outfitted with wooden finishing. However, if you want to install a sauna, a question is raised how to do it and from where to start? The first thing, which is desirable, is to design a sauna; water must be supplied in to this room, power lines must be under the heater and lighting. Sauna heater can be electric or stoked. It is thought that Finnish sauna is a sauna of dry air, however, the true Finnish sauna also has moist steam, which is obtained by pouring water on the stones, and using bathing birch-rods – almost as traditional sauna, which is ordinary to us. The temperature of the sauna reaches 70 – 110 °C.

The installation of sauna                                                                                            

With the help of modern technologies, you can install a sauna even in your home. The only question is, whether you should install it yourself or invoke specialists? If you choose to carry out mounting works of the sauna yourself without having appropriate experience and knowledge, this could take couple of weeks or even months. Of course, the process itself it pleasant and the result will bring you joy, however, no one can guarantee that the amateur work will be of good quality.

And so, how to install good and quality sauna, which would serve many years to come. Of course, the most common and easiest way is to call the specialists. However, if nonetheless you have decided to install the sauna yourselves, you need to know and pay attention to how it is done. You should pay utmost attention to:

1. The quality of ventilation system by providing it with fresh air and steam;

2. The quality of heating equipment;

3. The finishing materials of sauna;

4. The quality of electric installations and fire safety.

If all of these conditions will be fulfilled, you will be able to enjoy good and quality sauna. And so, when installing a sauna, the most important elements are:

Interior finishing. Aspen is most often used for interior finishing; it is moisture resistant, which is why it is ideal for sauna. The experts recommend to lay down the tiles on the floor; it is effective, because even if there is no good ventilation, rot will not occur, furthermore, it is hygienic, does not create microbes and fungus as it is with wooden floors. Due to temperature, the tiles do not pop. Tempered glass doors or wooden doors with glass are becoming more and more popular in saunas. It is an ideal variant, if you want safety, because you can see what’s going on in the sauna.

Stones. If you want a good sauna, types of stones play an important role. The stones must be uneven, with crude surface – this will ensure the maximum spill of water. Of course, the stones must be homogeneous, without fractures. If we look at the heater, we’ll see that there are a couple of heating elements, among which are stones (according to size). You should place the stones according to a specific methodology – below you place larger stones, while above – smaller ones. They should not be placed hermetically, it is important that the air would be able to freely move through them. It is apparent that a room with a powerful heater is not safe and demands certain installation limitations. The heater must be installed at a specific distance from the wall by adhering to the fire prevention norms and safety rules.

The more stones in the heater, the more quality the steam has and the heat will stay for longer. The experts recommend to purchase the stones for sauna and not to try to gather them outside. It is dangerous to use the latter stones, because there is a possibility that they could explode from the heat. The market offers various stones for sauna heaters, however, most important is that they would effectively accumulate and transfer heat and would not fracture due to abrupt temperature leaps.

Heater. The capacity of the heater depends on the size of the sauna. The bigger the room, the more powerful heater you need. Properly chosen and stoked heater should heat up the sauna approximately within an hour. If you choose firewood sauna heater, you should pay attention to a couple of important aspects: quality, economy, type of furnace (exterior or interior) and quantity of stones.

Good quality heater is sufficient thickness of the metal, quality metal and good construction. The thickness of the walls of the sauna heater should be no less than 5 mm. The heater with thinner walls will burn out sooner and its service time will be shorter. The metal of the heater must be of good quality and new, because old metal will burn out sooner. The service period of the heater depends on how it will be stoked.

Ventilation. The sauna heater must have air intake. In the lower part of the heater there are ventilation grates, through which (by using natural draught) fresh air goes out; in order to not jam it, the outlet is made from the heating device slantwise. In the room, the boards must be placed in such a way that would allow the air to circulate freely, but they must not be hermetically placed. For the final ventilation, an orifice is used in the ceiling – a temporary closed vent. As it is seen, without the necessary knowledge it is really difficult to install a good quality sauna by yourself. Which is why, it is best to call the specialists of this area. They will install the sauna quickly, in good quality and nicely. The masters of this art guarantee the full safety of the sauna. Furthermore, their designs will be optimally adjusted in accordance to your wishes and capabilities.

The price of sauna installation varies; everything depends on your needs. For example, if you want to install an economic sauna for 2 – 4 people in your house, the price of it maybe up to 10,000.00 EUR.

The modern construction and installation of saunas market is very rich. To know what is needed and properly choose it is the most important thing.