Saunas and mistakes you should avoid

Saunas and mistakes you should avoid

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Saunas are meant for more than just having a good time. They have plenty of health benefits. When inside, visitors tend to make some mistakes without realizing it.

In some cases, the health suffers more than it benefits. This time we will talk about the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. After all, the goal here is to get the most out of what saunas have to offer.

Too much high-calorie food before the sauna

Saunas and high-calorie food do not go hand in hand. Fish and meat products are not recommended when you are visiting the sauna because they are too much for your kidneys. Saunas have high temperature and the body is getting rid of toxins. However, filling your stomach means that there is an extra intoxication happening inside you. The digestion system is also in rest mode. It is possible that you will experience nausea, headache, and poisoning.

If you want to eat before going inside, try something with a lot carbohydrates.

Soap in the saunas 

There are some people who use soap in the sauna. It is not recommended because soap dries the skin. The ideal option would be bathing yourself in soap the night before you visit the sauna. And when you are in, wash yourself with regular water, adding some herbs.

A lot of people believe that high temperature in steam room is a good thing

Abusing high temperature in sauna is bad for your health. A very high temperature will worsen the sweating, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. In this case, overheating also damages your body.

If you start to feel discomfort, leave the room immediately. It is better to sit at a lower part of the room rather than persevering. Saunas should always feel comfortable. 60 degrees Celsius is usually the ideal choice. And if you want more heat, increase humidity rather than the temperature. Just pour some water over the stones.

Diving into cold water after the first entry

It does come down to your purpose of visit. If you cool off the body each time you leave the sauna, it will improve your resistance to stress. Of course, if you want to improve your health after a recent illness, this possibility should be out of the question.

It is probably for the best if you have a lukewarm shower and wear bathrobe after the sauna.

Taking only one sauna whisk with you

There should be at least two sauna whisks. For instance, one made of birch, and another made of oak. However, it is necessary only when you want the maximum. If you are planning to use sauna whisks, have as little clothing on you as you can. The best would be to go in there naked.

Cosmetics and perfume are poison

If you have plans to go in the sauna, you should refrain from using perfume or makeup at least 24 hours prior. Why? Because when inside the sauna, these things enter the inside of your body. And everyone knows how terrible a combination of perfume and sweat is.

Synthetic clothes 

Sauna is a place without synthetic clothes. While everyone should be naked, it is not always possible. When you have to wear something, make sure it is cotton or linen. The skin needs to breathe.

Not enough liquids

It is quite rare for people to go inside the sauna after consuming enough liquids. When in the sauna, the body sweats a lot, so you need to have some backup so to speak. You should drink somewhere between 1 to 2 liters of either tea, water, or other non-alcoholic beverages. By no means should you drink alcohol, energy drinks, or coffee. Green and black tea are also not recommended.

Lack of fresh air

Ventilation does not receive proper attention because everyone believes that sauna should be hermetic and hot. The thing is, lack of oxygen causes a lot of issues. Therefore, ventilation should be on the list of priorities. Do not be afraid to open windows and doors for circulation. A good heater and plenty of stones will be more than enough. On the other hand, quite a few individuals tend to spend time in a sauna that is way too hot.

Sauna and alcohol is the worst possible combination

These days, sauna is a place for fun and partying. Alcohol is a no-brainer. Back in the old days, saunas were a place to cleanse yourself, so this use of alcohol is a distortion. You should get this in your head – alcohol and sauna should never be mixed. Such a terrible habit will lead to heart and other health problems.

You should only drink non-alcoholic beverages when in the sauna.

Now you will know what should be avoided when visiting saunas. As you can see, some mistakes are not bad just for your health, but for the life itself. Alcohol could be placed there. It is no doubt that alcoholic beverages are the biggest mistake of them all. While saunas are excellent for you, they could lead to some problems. That is why it is crucial to avoid doing such mistakes.