Sauna accessories - why they are needed

Sauna accessories - why they are needed

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If you want to get the most out of a sauna, every little detail matters a lot. The first thing that comes to mind when building a sauna is what kind of a heater you should get. And that is not a bad approach.

However, once you have that settled, the time comes for high-quality accessories. Paying enough attention to them will ensure that you have a unique atmosphere inside. So which accessories are recommended and which should be imperative?

Sauna accessories can be made of wood, metal, textile. Various hooks, hats, thermometers, sauna whisks, etc. Such products, if made from good material, will last for a long time. Moreover, a unique design will give individuality to your steam sauna, which should always be considered as a positive thing.

Textile for saunas

Special clothes for saunas are crucial. Bathrobes, towels, hats, flip-flops, etc. all are there to ensure your comfort. Such items should be made from natural fabrics, such as wool and cotton. If bathrobes and flip-flops might not be necessary, hats should be. Hats are one of the most important, if not the most important accessories. Given how hot it can get inside, it is very important to protect your head from overheating.

Hats are usually made of wool or linen, and they work perfectly when it comes to protection. The most common design for a hat is bell-shape. It works as an isolator, and the most important thing for a hat is to cover your head up to eyebrows. 

Gloves could also help if you have to touch hot metal objects. Such an accessory is quite useful. There are also specially made aprons which are becoming more and more popular.

Everything that is made from high-quality linen, cotton, wool or their mix will be perfect for your sauna enjoyment.

Measure gadgets

A good steam sauna will be impossible without the right temperature and humidity levels. It is difficult to imagine how such things were measured in the old days, but now we have plenty of gadgets that do this. Every sauna should have:

• A thermometer;

• A hygrometer;

• Or a thermohygrometer;


You can choose two different items or a two-in-one. Every gadget is made of material that is resistant to heat and humidity.

Thermometers, hygrometers, and thermohygrometers

Thermometers and hygrometers are there not just to regulate the temperature and humidity, but to bring some extra sass to the room. Separate gadgets are easy to understand, but the combination has not been around for a long time. A thermohygrometer is a gadget that functions as both a thermometer and a hygrometer. The designs of this gadget are not too complicated, and they have become a popular part of most saunas throughout the world.

A thermohygrometer solves the problem of space, because it does not require as much as two separate gadgets would. After all, both humidity and temperature need to be in the right way.

Fans of humid air or dry heat can regulate the microclimate to their heart's content, but the first thing to do should be setting a certain level of heat and humidity.

Aromas for saunas

Aroma therapy, especially in a steam room, is surprisingly enjoyable and simple. Special oils are perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere inside. The mood improves, and the life seems to be better with every passing moment spent inside the sauna. There are a couple of options to bring new scents to the sauna:

• Wash the walls and ceiling with special ether oils;

• Spray herb mixtures on the stones;

• Use aromatic lamp with humidity-resistant steam heat element.


How to choose the right scent?

First of all, trust your own taste. There are plenty of plants which are great for saunas, and this does include health benefits. Ether oils are meant for cold and fatigue.

• Breathing health issues can be solved by using pine ether oils.

• Citrus aromas boost energy levels. Scent of lemons improves the body.

• Lavender reduces stress and helps with insomnia.

• Rosemary has a tonic effect and will help to get rid of fatigue.

• For sauna whisks, we recommend using the mixture of mint and nettle.


A refined sauna is created by using various aromas. A small amount allows you to fill the room with the smell of eucalyptus, citrus, or mint. Natural and ecologic scents will allow you to enjoy the brilliant atmosphere and relax in the best ways possible.

There are more than enough accessories for saunas. Each and every one of them is important. Of course, you do not necessarily have to use every single one of them, but the maximum benefits and relaxation might not come to you.