Jade stone for saunas

Jade stone for saunas

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Jade stone is considered to be one of the best stones for saunas. When building a sauna, sooner or later a question will emerge which stones to choose, which stone would be best suitable for your sauna, would best maintain heat and cool the slowest? Jade stone is that stone, which conforms the criterions applied to saunas the most. Rocks and stones may have different origins, but the best stones for sauna are of vulcanic origins.

Jade stone was already known in ancient times and commonly suded in saunas, manufacture of bathroom’s furnityre etc. Jade stone is semi-precious – mostly suited for saunas. Naturally, jade stone forms due to the influence of magma and has many advantages; they determine its popularity. Jade stone is a metamorphic rock consisting of heat and pressure opaque fillers, which are dense and grainy; there are two types of jade stone:

  • Nephritis, which consists of hydrated calcium, magnesium and iron silicate. The specific gracity of nephritis is 2.90-3.02, refractive index between 1.60-63 and 1.62-65 and hardness according to Moho sclae 6.5; it can have various colours – green, white, yellow or red.
  • The stronger, rarer and, thus, more valuable jade stone is sodium and aluminum silicate, the specific gravity of which is 3.30-3.36, softness 1.645-1.667 and hardness 7 (steel is 6.5 and diamonds 10). Jade stone may be green, white, pink, red, black, brown and purple.

Where did jade stone originate from? Today, Mianmar (Birma) is the largest exporter of jade stone; some of the stones are exported from Gvatemala, New Zelanad and Australia, its commerce increases in Australia. Even though most commonly jade stone is tied with China, but the supply from China has been depleted.

Jade stone has many advantages

Jade stone is not only the most suitable and best stone for saunas, but also one of the most expensive. These stones are heat resistant and are strong. Their strenght determine high thermal stability. Jade stones need to be changed a lot more rarily than other sauna stones. Jade stone has very high density, but at the same time poor heat conductivity, which is why for a long time it provides maximum heat. Jade stone is attributed to stones, which are best suited for saunas. So, let us see what criterions are applied to sauna stones and how does jade stone conform to them:

  • Stones for sauna must have high density, this is a mandatory condition for longterm heat maintenance and even heating. Jade stone is longlived and slowly emits heat. The biggest advantage – heat conductivity. Jade stone heats up significantly faster, if comparing to other stones, and cools off the slowest, because it accumulates heat in itself. Because of this, if you want to create steam in a sauna, you need fewer water.

Heavy and dense stone produces consistent heat and maintains it better; this way, stabile steam is maintained better. If you want to heat up your sauna stone faster and cool it off slowly, choose the right size of sauna stones. Good rule: when choosing sauna stones remember that they must be from half a fist size to 3 times the fist size. In to the furnace the stones are placed according to their size – the biggest ones are placed at the bottom, while the smallest ones – at the top.

  • Second condition – seamlessness of structure, which allows to avoid cracks when having contact with water. Jade stone practically can never crack, is heat resistant and sturdy. Porous and cracked stones are unsuitable for saunas, it is best to use dense and uneven ones.
  • Sauna stone must be environment friendly and safe for health; it is recommended to use a sauna stone made from natural minerals. Jade stone, which does not only not harm your health and is fully natural, also cures. It normalized heart pressure, stabilizes and strenghtens the nervous system, decreases joint pain, dissolves salt deposits, cures urinary tract diseases and increases your energy. It is used even during massage seanses. In the East, jade stone is called the stone of health. It should be noted that when heated microelements are emited from it, which after entering the human organism, normalizes the work of all systems and organs. If you want to experience the beneficial affect of jade stone, please adhere to the main rules – jade stone must always be placed on top.

Jade stone may be of two types: granulated and cut. Polished jade stone attracts attention due to its even surface, it looks like a small river stone. Attractive appereance is often use to decorate baths and saunas. Granulated jade stone differs by its uneven texture. It is perfectly suitable for sauna furnaces. In the furnace, there can be various types of stones, which is why more pretty and luxurious ones are placed on the top. Jade stone is the one, which should be placed on the top of the furnace.

 Why jade stone is best suited for sauna?

Scientific research has confirmed that the jade stone in comparison to other stones used in sauna has the least toxic heavy metals. Up to 100 times less of these harmful materials and up to 30 times more of necessary and beneficial materials for human organizm can be in their composition.

Another essential differences, but also advantages is that the jade stone does not accumulate radiation, while many other stones accumulate it.

The steam in the sauna, in which jade stones are used, is soft, pleasant and is easy to breath. Which is why you can boldly enjoy and relax in the sauna, because it does not burn your body.

Lastly, if you want your sauna to not only look luxurious, but to have good quality and be effective, choose exceptional stone. Jade stone will turn your sauna in to pleasure and relaxation oasis. With the help of it, there will be light and soft air in the room, safe atmosphere protecting against harmful materials and the least quantity of radiation. If you decided to mix jade stones with other stones, then place the jade stones on the top. This way, you will feel their positive affect on organism and health the best.