Larch hot tub, 160cm

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Larch hot tub. Diameter - 160 cm.

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Traditional Japanese wooden bath tubs are a popular way to spend your spare time. It is one of the most pleasant ways to restore your energy after work, spend a good time with your family and friends. Besides, it‘s very good for your health – it helps to overcome stress, defuse nervous tension, speeds up metablosim, strengthens immunity.
Our hand crafted hot tubs are made from the finest larch. Larch aroma relaxes you after a hard day. Within some minutes you feel completely revitalized. Larch scent helps to recover from colds due to natural phytoncides that penetrate your respiratory airways. Larch hot tub prevents you from migrains, neuroses and hypertension. A good tub isn't for a summer or a winter, it's for decades of use.

Larch hot tub with a built-in or built-out stove (choose below) suggests a perfect opportunity to feel overall refreshment. It is natural eco-friendly wooden spa. Several minutes spent in this tub will make your tone and spirits high.

Larch is an excellent material for a tub. Larch hot tub is robust and time-proof, it contains substances preventing it from moisture and bacterial attack making the tub resistant


Technical information
Country of Manufacture LT
Delivery time (days) 18 - 30 days
Weight (kg) 280
Wood Larch
Diameter (cm) 160 cm
Wall height (cm) 100
Wall thickness (mm) 40
External finishing Oiled with a natural colourless oil; Oiled with a natural dark pigment oil; Burnt internal and external walls of the tub. Any other colour as the client desires.
Heater Stainless steel internal or external stainless furnace; 2 meters long chimney with a canopy.
Cover Wooden
Includes 6-8 benches; protective fencing; handrails – along the top of the tub, for support and decoration; drink stands; stainless steel barrel hoops; outlet opening; stairs.