Bath tub "Shock"

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Wooden cold water bath tub "Shock".

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* Wood:

Basic set including:

  • Bath tub. Spruce, larch wood
  • Wooden steps
  • Wooden bench
  • stainless steel barrel hoops
  • Drain
  • Wooden cover
  • Handrails – along the top of the tub, for support and decoration


Traditional Japanese wooden bath tubs are a popular way to spend your spare time. It is one of the most pleasant ways to restore your energy after work, spend a good time with your family and friends. Besides, it‘s very good for your health – it helps to overcome stress, defuse nervous tension, speeds up metablosim, strengthens immunity.

Our hand crafted bath tubs are made from the finest spruce, larch. A good tub isn't for a summer or a winter, it's for decades of use.

Spruce boasts several innate qualities that make it perfect for building top quality tubs. Spruce is resistant to shrinking and will keep its shape even when used outdoors. Moreover, spruce is less resinous than many other commonly used wood (such as redwood or cedar), which means that the finish will remain spotless for longer. In addition to these practical qualities, spruce is also highly regarded by experts in aromatherapy for its healing and relaxing qualities. Indeed, it is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which aid the body’s natural healing process.

Larch wood is frequently used for outdoor purposes due to its hardness. Larch is a wood valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. It is virtually irreplaceable in situations where chemical finishing of wood is not permitted but its durability in all weather conditions must be guaranteed. The timber is resistant to rot when in contact with the ground. Over time its resilience and density will only grow. Larch is a highly ecological, people-friendly and warm building material.

Technical information
Country of Manufacture Lithuania
Delivery time (days) 7 - 21
Dimensions width (mm) 70
Weight (kg) 60
Length (cm) 100
Wood Spruce, larch or oak
Wall height (cm) 100
External finishing Oiled with a natural colourless oil;
Cover Wood
Includes Bench; handrails – along the top of the tub, for support and decoration; stainless steel barrel hoops; outlet opening; stairs.