TMF Geyser 2014 Inox anthracite, 32609

Brand: TMF

Product Code: 32609

Delivery time (days): 14-28

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Suitable for sauna 8-18 m3.

Price: 726.00€
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The wood-fired two-stage steam generation sauna heater Geyser 2014 Inox anthracite is designed for 8-18 m3 saunas.

The optimized heating surface allows to avoid overheating of the air in the sauna, reduce the speed of convective air currents and strong infrared radiation.

The two-stage steam generation system produces high-quality light steam. The generation of steam is usually accompanied by a sound similar to that emitted by Kamchatka geysers.

The enlarged and reinforced double-welded inner stone container has sufficient heat capacity for frequent, intensive water supply. A butterfly-type valve is used at the water filling point, which quickly passes water to the inside of the oven and then closes even faster. For this reason, it is practically impossible for steam to escape at the valve location and all the supplied water is guaranteed to be converted into fine steam.

The stove is made of high quality, heat-resistant, stainless steel.

Features and benefits:

    The two-stage steam system allows you to create a light, heated steam.
    Compact funnel with valve-dispenser allows water to be supplied to the hottest and closed central part of the oven.
    It is convenient to heat the shingles on open stones.
    The central position of the chimney simplifies and facilitates its installation.
    It is forbidden to heat with charcoal.
    Fuel capacity - 40 l.
    The capacity of the stone container is 70 kg.
    Weight - 59 kg.
    The recommended chimney height is 5 m.
    Chimney diameter - 115mm.
    Dimensions - 830x415x900 mm.

The stones are purchased separately.

Technical information
Warranty (y.) 3
Delivery time (days) 14-28
Recommended sauna size (m3) 8-18
Dimensions height (mm) 900
Dimensions width (mm) 415
Dimensions depth (mm) 830
Stone capacity max. (kg) 70
Weight (kg) 59
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 115
Maximum length of firewood, (mm) 500