TMF Alpha Gardarika (38100)

Brand: TMF

Product Code: 38100

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Suitable for sauna 12-24 m3.

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Alfa Gardarika is the first wood-burning sauna stove TMF tiled with natural stone. Steel furnace of this stove is tiled with similar vertical lamellae made of granite.
The new stove is designed for heating a steam room of 12–24 m3. 
Natural stone is an easy-to-use, practical, and safe material, which is used by man from the beginning of time in everyday life.
Outstanding features of granite are its durability and ecological compatibility, which were added to our armoury during development of decorative convector of our latest stove.
Convector made of granite protects from strong heat emission. It should be noted that the stove was designed for the «Russian Banya» steaming mode. The Alpha Gardarika stove uses the same patented technology of two-stage steam generation as well as in all of Geyzer wood-burning stove range, which have been keeping the leading position among all of our sauna stoves for the last several years.

Dimensions (L×W×H)   790х510х2130 mm
Volume of the steam room (min)    12 m3
Volume of the steam room (max)    24 m3
Fuel type - wood 
Volume of the firebox   59 l
Stone mass    60 kg
Mass    170 kg
Maximum log length    400 mm
Minimum chimney height    5 
Chimney diameter    115 mm

Without sauna stones.

Technical information
Combustion chamber type External
Warranty (y.) 3
Delivery time (d.) 15-45
Recommended sauna size (m3) 12-24
Weight (kg) 170