Termofor Skoroparka Barrel 2012 Inox Lumina

Brand: Termofor

Product Code: 20000

Delivery time (d.): 14-28

Suitable for sauna from 10 m3 to 18 m3.

Price: 670.00€
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Everyone loves the Russian steam bath, but, unlike the dry-air bath, it takes a long time to prepare: it takes several hours. After all, a large amount of superheated to high temperature light steam, so necessary for a Russian steam bath, can only be obtained from a mountain of stones.

Termofor Skoroparka Barrel 2012 Inox Lumina gives you an unlimited amount of the lightest glowing steam without stones at all. The longest procedure of the Russian steam bath - heating a large mass of stones to a high temperature - is excluded. Just fill this stove with water and after 15-20 minutes after boiling, you will enjoy the bath. The heater itself will prepare you a Russian steam bath. That's why it's called a steam heater.

Features & Benefits:

  • The main instrument for preparing a Russian steam bath is superheated water vapor with a temperature of about 400 °C.
  • Allows you to receive and maintain the classic condition of a Russian steam bath for the shortest time with minimal human participation.
  • Provides an unlimited amount of superheated steam, unattainable for other quality furnaces.
  • Allows you to quickly change the microclimate in the bath - from the softest and most comfortable to the extreme hot.
  • The cost of the heater includes a hot water tank made of stainless steel with a capacity of 40 liters.
  • Unique design for a wooden barrel.
  • Volume of the firebox 43 l.
  • Minimum chimney height - 5 m.


Technical information
Combustion chamber type External
Warranty (y.) 3
Delivery time (d.) 14-28
Recommended sauna size (m3) 10-18
Dimensions height (mm) 925
Dimensions width (mm) 510
Dimensions depth (mm) 710
Weight (kg) 54
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 115
Maximum length of firewood, (mm) 380