Wood sauna stove - Gefest Groza 18 (P)

Product Code: Groza-18P

Delivery time (days): 14-28

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Cast iron stove for sauna up to 18 m3.

Price: 1,804.80€
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Cast iron sauna stoves TM "Groza" are modern stoves for small and medium-sized steam rooms. The furnace is a solid prefabricated structure, without threaded and welded joints, the parts are made of alloy cast iron. The furnace of thunder furnaces consists of two chambers separated by a flame arrester. The heater's radiator protrusions, directed deep into the furnace, increase the contact area between the fire and the heater and the efficiency of heat removal. In order to increase the area of ​​the heated surface of the stones, there are cast-iron spikes pointing upwards on the outside of the stove. Bath stones or additional cast iron deposits such as cores and cast iron cones are placed between the spikes. The cast iron spikes themselves are also part of the better water evaporation.

The set includes:

    sauna stove Thunder 18P
    ashtray Groza18 (constr.steel)
    sealant "Titanas" up to 1500С-1 pc
    warranty passport Groza (user manual)
    forged steel grid Groza 18
    original cast iron branch pipe f115

Technical information
Length (mm) 520
Delivery time (days) 14-28
Recommended sauna size (m3) 18
Dimensions height (mm) 620
Dimensions width (mm) 480
Weight (kg) 145