Wood-burning sauna stove - Gefest Groza 18 (M) Classic Zmeyevik

Product Code: Gr18MK

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Groza is a modern cast iron stove for small and medium pies. The furnace has a robust prefabricated construction, in addition to threaded and welded joints, parts made of alloyed cast iron. The furnace consists of two chambers separated by a flame arrestor. Furnace radiator protrusions directed to the depth of the furnace increase the area of ​​contact between the fire and the furnace and the efficiency of heat transfer. To increase the heating surface area of ​​the stones, cast iron spikes pointing upwards were installed on the outside of the furnace. Bath stones, cast iron cores or cast iron cones are placed between the needles. Cast iron needles increase water evaporation. By opening the top lid of the oven and pouring water on the hot stones, you will get plenty and soft steam. Designed for saunas up to 18m3. Exterior finish - natural stone - serpentine. Panoramic doors. Wide external firebox - 200mm.

The stones are purchased separately.

Technical information
Length (mm) 540
Sauna room (m3): 18
Delivery time (days) 14-28
Dimensions height (mm) 680
Dimensions width (mm) 480
Stone capacity max. (kg) 20
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 115
External finishing Serpentine