Wood-burning sauna stove - ERMAK 24 Liuks Inox

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ERMAK 24 Lux (stainless steel) is a unique modular sauna heater with a firebox and smoke ducts made of real food-resistant stainless steel INOX 304 AISI. An enclosed stone magazine and a steam cannon (included) help to extract dry, superheated, well-dispersed steam, which creates a soft and cozy atmosphere in the steam room.

Stainless steel sauna heaters INOX-304 withstand higher heat loads, have increased anti-corrosion properties, do not emit harmful substances and odors when heated and have a higher durability compared to conventional heat-resistant steels.

In the ERMAK 24 Lux furnace model, the firebox and gas duct system are made of heat- and acid-resistant INOX AISI-304 class stainless steel (non-magnetic), containing up to 10% nickel and up to 18% chromium. The thickness of stainless steel in the furnace firebox is 8 mm, the furnace arch is 5 mm, the furnace sides and flues are 3 mm thick.

AISI-304 is a high-quality heat-resistant stainless steel and is not afraid of high temperatures when operating a sauna heater. Due to the better composition of the steel and the high content of nickel, it is perfectly welded. Nickel is a very expensive metal, but due to the high content of stainless steel, it acquires increased strength and resistance to extreme temperatures, in addition to acquiring excellent weldability. Due to nickel, this steel loses its magnetic properties.

The modular design of the Ermak 24 Lux stainless steel stove allows you to configure the stove according to your needs and the type of sauna. Thanks to the special design, additional accessories can be installed from different sides of the oven. On the stove you can additionally install a water tank, an additional net for stones, a heat exchanger for the external tank. Due to the ability of the stove to vary according to human needs, it can be used equally in the development of steam baths, such as a Russian steam bath and a Finnish dry air sauna.

This is a multi-mode sauna heater. It has two stone bins - closed (internal) and open. In a closed container, the stones are in an enclosed space and heated on all sides to a temperature of 600 degrees. This allows you to create the ideal microclimate in the steam bath for the Russian steam bath mode with a rich dry fine dispersion steam obtained with the help of a built-in steam cannon. The steam cannon delivers water directly to a large enclosed stone bin. Normal moist steam can also be obtained from the top stones stacked in an open stone container. This stove can also increase the steam room temperature by more than 100 degrees in a short time if you need to create a hot dry air Finnish sauna mode.

The oven also has a modern look and unique technical solutions. The division of the flame from a firebox into 4 streams and the intricate design of the flues with a distribution chamber made it possible to increase the efficiency of the furnace and heat the stones even further. The stove transfers maximum thermal energy from the burning wood to the stones, thus drastically reducing the flue gas temperature during exit to the chimney, which will extend the life of the chimney.

Sauna stove Ermak Lux with window. A unique feature of the stove is that at the back of the stove there is a special viewing window with heat-resistant glass to monitor the fire and create a pleasant fireplace atmosphere in the steam room. The window can be opened with a special key when the oven is not working, serviced and cleaned. The glass cleans itself during combustion and is protected from the stove side by firewood with a metal grate.

The stones are purchased separately.

In addition to this oven, you can purchase the following accessories:
Hanging water tank for ERMAK Premium stoves

For water heating in the sauna room. The 40L tank can be mounted on both the right and left side of the oven.

External water tank for ERMAK Liux stove

External 55L water tank for wood-burning sauna stove - Ermak 24 Liux Inox. For water heating in the sauna room.

Heat exchanger for ERMAK Premium stoves

For water heating, you can use a heat exchanger built into the furnace firebox, which you connect to a separate water tank, where the water is heated by natural circulation. The heat exchanger is convenient to use when the water tank is in a place other than the stove, e.g. in the washbasin or shower. The heat exchanger can be mounted on both the right and left side of the stove.

ERMAK Premium stove network for stones

For greater heat storage, a suspended mesh can be used for stones that can hold up to 50kg of stones, and this mesh reduces unwanted sharp and burning infrared radiation. The net can be hung on both the right and left side of the oven, or on both sides.






Technical information
Delivery time (d.) 14-30
Sauna room min. (m3) 16-26
Dimensions height (mm) 830
Dimensions width (mm) 470
Dimensions depth (mm) 690
Stone capacity max. (kg) 60
Weight (kg) 82
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 115