Wood-burning sauna stove - AVANGARD ZK 24 (P2) Hurricane in a round grid

Product Code: GeAvZK24AP2

Delivery time (days): 14-28

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Cast iron furnace for saunas up to 24 m3 in size.

Price: 2,714.40€
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Avangard 24 is a new heating concept of a cast iron heat-retaining sauna stove with direct charging.
The body is modular, assembly is from the bottom up, the modules are connected by a tongue-and-groove system.

The weight of the steam evaporator in the Avangrad furnace is 24-42 kg, it is heated by direct contact with the flame. The steam evaporator has 2 surfaces with an increased working area - from below it is heated by fire, and from above it gives water to steam. To increase the evaporation area and heat the first layers of stones, high spikes are thrown on the stove.

The flame distributor is installed under the stove in 3 stops, it divides the flame into 3 streams and directs it first to the side parts of the body for intensive heating of the walls and convection heating of the air in the steam room. For this, convection ribs are located on the outer surfaces. In addition, the flame passes through the edges to the exit to the chimney, heating the stove.

The heatsink allows various Hephaestus launch modules to be mounted together with the sliding block.

The set includes:

    sauna stove Avangard 24
    launch nozzle 115
    stove lid
    2 steam cannons
    round grid
    closed heater door with steam control valve
    stainless steel ash box
    sealant "Titan" up to 1500С-1 pc.
    warranty certificate (instructions for use)

Technical information
Length (mm) 560
Delivery time (days) 14-28
Recommended sauna size (m3) 24
Dimensions height (mm) 680
Dimensions width (mm) 560
Weight (kg) 205