When installing a sauna, the choice of equipment one of the most important questions

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Often, when building a sauna, one of the most important questions is not the mounting of the building itself, but the acquisition of sauna equipment. To a large extent, the comfort and pleasure of steaming depends on it. Nowadays, the market offers various sauna equipment of different quality, price and functions. Thus, what to buy, what is important in order to be comfortable to use the sauna and it would provide joy. We provide a list of equipment, which you will surely need in your sauna:

Panels. Irrespective of the sauna’s nature and type, with the panel you will be able to comfortably control your sauna. The panels help determining moisture and temperature. Control panels are very useful, because after setting these parameters, they do not change throughout the whole steaming session. With the help of these consoles you may control the heater of the electric sauna, steam heaters, infrared saunas, steam generators, sauna’s lighting, and with some - even the heat of sauna’s stones. These panels may have different functions, for example, postponement of the sauna’s operation, the setting of sauna’s heater operation time, operation of ventilator, protection against children, setting of sauna’s temperature, control via Internet, lighting control and many other functions, which depend upon the specificities and model of the equipment. Usually, control panels have timer, sensor, protection against over-heating, LCD display, possibility of remote control via mobile phone or computer, language options and other. All of these functions and capabilities help to comfortably use the sauna by providing yourself more leisure and tranquillity.
Heater. It is the most important element of sauna’s equipment. The heater may be stoked with firewood or electric-heated. Nevertheless, firewood heaters are still popular, because this is not only heating, but often a ritual in itself. True sauna lovers like not only to bask in sauna, but they find a lot of pleasure in stoking the heater. Electric heaters are recommended for those, who do not have much time to bask in firewood saunas. Electric heaters heat up more quickly and there is less hassle involved. They are easy to control, because usually a panel is used, by the help of which you can set the heat, lighting or even music in the room. What is left, is only enjoying the leisure time in the sauna. Some people worry, that you cannot pour water on the electric heater. This time, there is nothing to worry about. You can pour water, however, not in large quantities.
Saunas’ wood. Sauna’s equipment made from wood is one of the best solutions. Wood is natural and ecologic material, thus the sauna will be safe to use and the smell of warm wood will provide pleasant experiences. The most suitable wood for installing the sauna is linden, aspen, hardwood, oak and mahogany. The worst solution is to outfit the interior with wood made from pine or birch.
Doors. The doors of the steam room are specific, they differ from traditional doors by their height (the sauna doors are lower), handle (it is strictly not recommended to use a metal handle, because it heats up) and opening principle (the sauna doors open to the outside). The doors of the steam room should be thick enough, approximately 40 – 50 cm. Sauna doors may be different: wooden, with a window or glass doors. The doors can be made from pine, alder and aspen. If you want something interesting or untraditional, you can acquire double-doors and one-piece doors. It’s your personal choice what type of doors you will choose, because all of them are good and of good quality.
Stones. As the heater, the stones are one of the most important elements of sauna equipment. Traditional sauna cannot be imagined without them. The experts do not recommend to use for sauna stones the stones gathered in the fields or in the rivers. It is best to use the stones, which you have bought in a shop; these stones are specialized for sauna. These stones will be safe to use, because you will know that an accident won’t occur and the stones will not explode. The quantity of steam in the sauna and the room’s cooldown period depends on the quantity of the stones. The stones perform important functions in the sauna – they heat the room and “make” steam. The stones in the sauna heat up to 300 – 600 degrees, thus, when you pour water on such hot stones, there will be much steam. The sauna stones are heated in two ways: directly (when they heat up from the flames in the sauna) or indirectly (when they heat up from the side walls of the metal heater or heating elements). The most useful stones for sauna are: jade, basalt, talkochlorite, oval diabase, white quartz and ceramic stones.
Lighting. Lighting heavily contributes to the leisure the sauna provides and relaxation. In modern times, you can choose lighting for sauna from a wide range of possibilities. Today, LED lighting becomes more and more popular. The pro of this type of lighting is that you can choose not only one-colour, but also colourful lighting, change colours or use a couple of colours at once. However, when purchasing LED light bar you must pay attention that it would be suited for sauna. For those, who want a bit untraditional design, something innovative and modern, they can purchase fibre optic lighting. With the help of various luminaires and their mounting type, you will outfit the sauna with pleasant and original atmosphere. With the help of lighting, you will create a desired atmosphere and mood in the room. Which is why, it is really useful to pay attention to this.
Furniture. You can’t imagine a sauna without furniture. If you want quality comfort, it is an essential element of sauna equipment. The furniture is needed in the sauna, ante-room and it is ideal, if there is furniture outside. The most often used furniture saunas are: benches, bunks, chairs, desks and seats. They are made from linden, alder and cedar. Wooden furniture are most useful in the sauna’s steam room; it is best that they’d be natural, without lacquer and dyes. There are no strict requirements for other rooms. Furniture in other rooms may be made from other materials, for example, plastic.
And so, you can choose from a wide range of sauna equipment; everyone according to their needs and capabilities can purchase what they think are needed or necessary. However, you must not forget that this equipment really does enhance the pleasantness and comfort in using the sauna.