What you need to know about pool maintenance aids?

What you need to know about pool maintenance aids?

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Swimming is very beneficial for your health, but only if the pool is clean and water quality meets all of the standards; pool maintenance aids help achieve this. In every pool larger than an average one you must use chemical maintenance aids. This is done in order for the pool to be clean and correspond at least to minimum hygiene norms. It is best to use chemistry of reliable manufacturers for the pool. You will be guaranteed that it will work and will not harm your health. Regular and continuous pool maintenance is mandatory; only this way you will ensure hygiene and cleanliness. You can maintain the pools in two ways: without using chlorine and using chlorine, which is easier. If you chose not to use chlorine, then instead purchase Oxy-Active Liquid.

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the pool and water, you should at least once per week clean the water in the pool. And once per 1 – 2 years it is recommended to replace the water in the pool. At least once a week it is recommended to perform water clarification and elimination of algae. Prior to using any pool chemistry, it is important to determine the Ph of the water and ensure that it would be within norms; only then the chemistry will act properly.

If you do not use chemicals, the water in the pool will quickly lose its clarity and become turbid. This is how bacteria and parasites incubate; whitish deposits accumulate on the walls. In order to avoid the growth of microorganisms, it is not enough to filter the water. Viruses, fungus and bacteria die only when the water is disinfected; algaecides suppress the growth of algae; coagulants help to eliminate the turbidity of the water. Thus, you cannot refuse to use chemical preparations. There is a wide assortment of chemical aids meant for pool maintenance; you can really achieve maximum cleanliness in inside and outside pools.

The most essential chemical aids for pool maintenance

Even though there is a wide assortment of chemical aids for pool maintenance, a couple of these aids are essential in order to keep the pool maximally clean and fit for use. What is included in to the portfolio of essential aids in order to preserve the hygiene of the pool and purity of water?

Disinfection aids, the basis of which consists of chlorine and active oxygen. Each owner of an artificial pond, who wants to bath in his/hers pool, must continuously use a disinfectant. Of course, in the majority of the pools filters are installed, however, they cannot fully manage bacteria and viruses. The water itself must be bactericidal, i.e., it can destroy microorganisms, which were introduced from the outside. Chemical materials help solve this task; their composition has chlorine or active oxygen. The disinfection of water with chlorine preparations presumes, that the concentration of free chlorine in the water after total destruction of bacteria and organic materials will not exceed 0.3 – 0.5 mg/l. This value meets the standard of drinking-water and this means that it does not pose harm to the human body. You can purchase chlorine in the form of tablets (quick or slow solution) and liquid. “ChloriLiquid” is a splendid liquid chlorine aid for swimming pools. This preparation comes with a special water hardness stabiliser, which does not allow lime scales to form on the injection place and near intake hole. “Chloriklar” are quickly soluble chlorine tablets. You cannot put them directly in to the pool. You need to use a special optic or, if you do not have it, you should solute the tablet in a separate vessel and then pour it in to the pool.

Active oxygen preparations efficiently destroy pathogenic microorganisms and because of this they do not have smell, they do not cause skin and mucous irritation. However, active oxygen diminishes water pH and its disinfection effect is a lot less than chlorine’s. Which is why it can only be used in indoor pools. You can purchase active oxygen in the form of tablets or granules. Water pH of the pool should be 7.2 – 7.4. Too low pH may cause skin irritation and high pH can cause the water to become turbid and sediments to occur on the walls of the pool. In order to maintain proper pH, you should use pH regulators (decreasing or increasing pH); you can decrease the level of pH by using “Baylor pH Minus”. It’s a splendid and good quality aid, which is especially suited for pools. In order to determine the pH of the pool, you should purchase “Bayrol” pH tester, which is also used for determining active oxygen.

Chemical cleaning aids of the interior of the pool. The interior of the pool is cleaned by discharging the water. The pools are cleaned with the help of aids based on non-organic acid solutions. Special aids are also needed to clean stainless steel. They eliminate pollutions of rust and other mineral materials, protects metallic products from the influence of the environment and provide shine. You will easily and quickly clean the edges of the pool and film from grease and soot marks with the help of pool cleaning aid “Adisan”. After cleaning the bowl of the pool, you must coat the walls and the bottom with a solution, which does not let algae to procreate. “Desalgine” is an aid against algae; the composition of it does not have heavy metals, which is why it does not negatively affect human health. “Desalgine” does not allow bacteria to procreate, makes the water transparent, foams little and pH is neutral. You can purchase this aid against algae for whirlpool baths and pools (indoor and outdoor).

Water disinfection process is carried out in two stages:

Firs stage – chlorination. This process will depend on the diversity of the outside (ambient temperature, sun rays) and internal factors (the intensity of pool use). It is recommended to carry out the chlorination process by using “ChloriLiquid” or “Chloriklar” (in accordance to the instructions of use).

Second stage – maintain the level of active chlorine at 0.3 – 0.5 mg/l. For long-term disinfection this is possible by using the “Chlorilong” preparation. With the help of this your pool water will always be hygienically clean.

Preparing the pool for the winter. With the coming of the cold season, it should be worthwhile to take care of your pool. By using certain pool maintenance aids, in spring, just when the weather gets warmer, you will be able to enjoy transparent pool water. And so, preparation for winter encompasses a couple of steps: first of all, you should decrease the water level. You can discharge the water fully, if you like; you must discharge the water from the pump, filters and heater; if need be, you can clean all of the pool; lastly, you must mount winter pontoons and skimmers. “Puripool” is a pool maintenance aid, which is meant to prepare outdoor pools for winter. After using this aid, it is recommended to change the water, because it may cause foaming. After winter, in spring, you will easily clean the pool from lime scale with the help of “Decalcit Super”. Lime scale must be cleaned regularly, because they attract bacteria and algae. It is recommended to descale the pool at least once a year.

The experts recommend using “Bayrol” company’s products for pool maintenance. This company manufactures chemical aids of a highest quality by using up-to-date technologies. The company follows highest safety requirements and uses the best materials. The company “Bayrol” strives to achieve that pool cleaning would be easy, fast and safe.