Everything for saunas – the most important things

Everything for saunas – the most important things

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Saunas are great and valuable when we understand how important everything is. You can start with hats and flip-flops and end with the furnace, ventilation system, etc. Sauna items have to be high quality and heat-resistant.

Saunas are meant for relaxation and health benefits. Nothing beats going to a sauna after a long week of working. However, it is worth noting that saunas can become a bit dangerous, so certain rules apply. If you visit saunas frequently, having a prepared kit is a good advice. Everything mentioned below is meant to help you get the most health benefits and prevent from any potential danger. This is what you should take with you:

  • Bath brooms. Without them, saunas are not that enjoyable or beneficial. You should always have a bath broom when visiting saunas. Body is cleansed from toxins and dirt. The brooms can be made from oak, eucalyptus, birch, and others. Every one of these has its own benefits. The kind is not as important as knowing how to use it. It is recommended to start using bath brooms the second time you enter the steam room, since your body should get used to heat and steam by then. Bath brooms are great for your skin, metabolism, bones, etc.
  • Gloves. This item seems to have been forgotten. And that is a bad thing. Since saunas are hot, there are plenty of objects that get heated quite fast, so burning your hands is not out of the question. Use gloves to prevent that.
  • Flip-flops. Rubber flip-flops are the usual. They are easy to wash and have great heat and humidity resistance. If you are visiting public saunas, use flip-flops with closed front. It helps with preventing certain diseases.
  • Hats. It should be a no-brainer that sauna hats prevent your head from overheating. The most important requirement for sauna hats is that they should be made from natural fabric. Wool is an optimal choice. No sauna heats could lead to heat wave. Also, they work wonderfully when it comes to preventing dry hair.
  • A big towel. Having a big towel after the shower is great. Skirt-towels are becoming a popular item when going into saunas.
  • Sauna scents. Various sauna scents has an antiseptic diaphoretic effect for the body, and they help with fatigue reduction. Natural scents have a positive effect for breathing problems.

The most important sauna equipment

Sauna construction has to be special, with high heat and humidity resistance in mind. It is achievable by using special equipment, such as furnaces, rocks, ventilation, etc. Not everyone knows how to do the inside of the sauna to make it as functional as possible. Recently, there has been a surge of innovative stuff for saunas. 

The furnace

The furnace is the most important element of the sauna. It is responsible for the whole system, so you need to pay special attention to it. First of all, find a design which suits your sauna. Professionals recommend getting the most functional furnace. It is worth your while to consider getting a furnace which has a built-in heater and steamer. The ultimate decision comes down to how big the room is, and what type of steam you want.


Those who use sauna grates need special rocks. Regular rocks are no good because you need something that keeps the heat. Special minerals are used for making such rocks. A mineral that is reliable and easy to use, does not take too long to heat the room, and so on. Such rocks tend to have health improvement qualities. The size of rocks depends on the furnace. There are some people who collect their own rocks, but for safety reasons you should buy them from reliable providers.

Ventilation systems and accessories

Saunas are unimaginable without a ventilation system. A good heat isolation keeps hot air longer. Ideally, the air mass should completely renew itself about 10 times every hour. As for the accessories, it would be worth mentioning stuff like stylish ventilation system grates, plugs, etc.

These are just a few pieces of equipments that are imperative for the best sauna experience. It is possible to make a conclusion that such items need to be chosen very carefully.

However, if you have problems deciding what would be the best, it is always a good option to ask for a professional help. Pirtiesprekes.lt has you covered from A to Z when it comes to saunas.