TMF PrimaVolta

Brand: TMF

Product Code: 20207

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Suitable for sauna from 5 m3 to 8 m3.

Price: 330.00€
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The electric heater "Primavolta" shall create a good steam bath microclimate in a steam room, designed for a volume about 5 to 8 cubic meters. We recommend it for using in home saunas.

This is the first electric heater made by "TMF" – a nice, stylish, compact and powerful heater with a big chamber for stones (up to 50 kg). It can quickly heat the steam room and keeps warm for a long time.

A large amount of stones and regulation of heater heat output allows you to create any microclimate in the steam room – from dry and hot to mild and damp.

If you are using an electric heater, we recommend pouring on stones only pure water in small portions. In order to improve the steam room air, you can use heat-resistant containers with water and essential oils, which shall be placed either not far from the heater, or among the upper stones. Also you can water down the essential oils and spray on wooden walls, benches and on the floor. It is prohibited to drip an essential oil on heated stones.

The tubular heating elements (THE) of the electric heater are made from heat-resisting stainless steel, which is resistant to different temperature and corrosion impacts.

The Remote Control (RC) allows to adjust and to control, and to keep a necessary microclimate in the steam room by means of thermostat.

To control the microclimate support system, we recommend using the RC made by «TMF» (not included in the scope of delivery), but also you can use similar devices made by other manufacturers. The RC is designed for an external installation. The electrical part is equipped with a residual current circuit-breaker; it shall automatically turn off the heater in case of an overheating, of power surges or of a short circuit.

To fasten the electric heater to a wall of a steam room, there is a special bracket mounted at the heater casing fixed at the rear stone wall (supplied as part of package). The heater fastening to the room wall saves space in the sauna and makes the cleaning process easier.

The electric heater "Primavolta" is available in the color “black bronze”.

The main advantage of electric heaters is simplicity of their use. To prepare a steam bath, you just need to touch a button.

Temperature adjustment range min-max ° C from +30 ° С to +120 °С. Adjustable time range from 1 min. up to 6 hours.

The class of protection against electric shock is I.


Stones and control panel are not included.



Technical information
Warranty (y.) 1
Delivery time (d.) 14-28
Recommended sauna size (m3) 5-8
Dimensions height (mm) 600
Dimensions width (mm) 415
Stone capacity max. (kg) 37
Weight (kg) 13
Supply voltage, phase 220V/380V