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"Curved box type" thermo-hygrometer.

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Vertical thermo-hygrometer with rounded ends. A mechanical thermometer-hygrometer will allow you to easily monitor the temperature and humidity of the sauna. Stylish, classic style, will fit perfectly into the design of every sauna.

The thermo-hygrometer is hermetic, safe and resistant to high temperature and humidity. It is made of wood, so it is very convenient to use in the bathhouse or sauna. When manufacturing this thermo-hygrometer, recommendations were taken into account, so the reading range of the hygrometer is 0 - 100%, and the range of the thermometer is 120 degrees.
What data should the thermo-hygrometer display to make it safe to visit the steam room of the sauna?

When the temperature in the sauna is around 100-110 degrees, the hygrometer should show less than 35% humidity. In a steam room, when the temperature is 60 degrees, the optimal humidity is 85%.

Correct installation of the thermo-hygrometer in the sauna

For the most accurate readings, it is advisable to place the thermo-hygrometer at a height of about 1.6 meters. It is optimal when it is installed at a distance of 1.5 - 2 meters from doors, stoves and windows. Because cold and heat sources confuse the accuracy of readings.

Recommended indoor humidity and temperature levels:

    Russian sauna. It is best when the thermometer - hygrometer shows about 75 - 85% humidity and + 60 - 70 degrees of heat;
    Turkish bath (steam). The thermo-hygrometer should show a humidity level of 95 - 100% and a temperature of + 70 - 100 degrees;
    Sauna. It is optimal when the thermometer - hygrometer shows 25 - 35% humidity and + 100 - 110 degrees of heat;
    Washroom. The thermo-hygrometer must show 90 - 100% humidity and + 30 - 40 degrees of heat;
    Rest room. It is recommended that the readings of the thermo-hygrometer should be 30 - 60% humidity and +20 - 25 degrees of heat.

Adhering to the right temperature and humidity ratio, sauna procedures will be pleasant and beneficial for the body.

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Delivery time (days) 1 - 13 days