Glass Door for Sauna, How to Choose It

Glass Door for Sauna, How to Choose It

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Glass door for sauna has become more popular quite recently. And they continue to go the in that direction. In fact, people pick them over wooden door. Is there a reason why glass is better? The answer is simple – they do not have any drawbacks: no changes to appearance over time and no resin due to heat. The current market offers a wide range of glass door for a sauna. Everybody will find something they want.

People sometimes think that sauna door is not important, not to mention its quality. However, this train of thought is wrong. The right door keeps the warmth and humidity and isolates the  sound.

A glass door is made of tempered glass, the thickness of which should be from 6 millimeters. The frame can be either metal or wooden. You can get glass door with ornaments or drawings. It provides some uniqueness and luxury. You also have a choice of the glass – transparent or opaque.

•    The transparent door let you see what is going inside the sauna. Sauna experts recommend getting transparent door because you can watch and react if something happens to a person inside. This is really important. Disasters occur no matter what you might think. Safety should be everyone's priority.

•    The opaque door makes it impossible to see the inside. However, nobody will end up missing the door. There are some cases when individuals tend to miss the transparent door which is in front of them.

What else is important to know? The door handle should be made of a material that does not heat. Wood is an excellent example of this. Having a magnetic lock is also convenient. Remember to leave the installation of the door to professionals. A complicated work like this requires experience and responsibility.

The Most Common Errors When Choosing Glass Door for Sauna

Initial thought would be looking for the cheapest option. However, the result of that would likely be spending more money than planned. Impatient buyers will deal with a rapid loss of heat and steam, door deformation,  mold, glass brittleness, etc. To avoid these issues, you need to buy a quality product. Here are some of the things you need to pay extra attention to:

•    Safety and durability. Make sure the door is made of tempered glass. The thickness of the door should be somewhere between 6 to 8 millimeters.

•    The door needs to open to the outside, not inside. This is important in case of an emergency. A person who wants to leave should be able to do it just by leaning on the door. Also, there should not be any valves or locks on the door.

•    If the construction of the door is metal, and it is covered in varnish or paint, the door should be water-based. Fittings must be made of stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. Another important trait of sauna accessories is resistance to a damp environment. Therefore, it would be a good idea to pick fittings with a coating.

•    Glass door for the sauna is a large glass monolith, so it weighs a lot. For security purposes, buy one that has three or more hinges.

If you follow these recommendations, you will end up with a door that will serve you for many years.

Advantages of Glass Door for Sauna

There are quite a few pros or purchasing such door for your sauna:

•    Durability. Even if something were to happen and the door would break, there will not be any injuries because tempered glass shatters into a lot of tiny particles.

•    The door is not affected by fluctuations of humidity and temperature. They are heat-resistant and do not distort.

•    They are easy to wash. All you need for that are dry cloths and glass cleaner.

•    The door is not affected by fungi and mildew.

•    It provides more space for the sauna visually.

•    It offers more light.

•    They are stylish, a unique piece of the interior.

All in all, such door is made of high-quality, heat-resistant material. You are allowed to enjoy all the benefits that the sauna provides.

Nowadays, you have a lot of different choices. The design of the sauna's door comes down to personal preference more than anything else.