Steam generator Tylö Steam Commercial

Brand: Tylö AB

Product Code: tylo-steam-comm

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Powerful steam generator for commercial baths.

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Our new Commercial steam generator is fitted with a large water tank and designed to be easily connected to our Multisteam function – an effective way of avoiding stoppages in heavily used systems, as up to three steam generators can be connected to the same steam room. Steam generators require regular automatic flushing. This involves a 10-15 minute break in steam production each time. If you have several steam generators connected in the same system, flushing can take place without shutting down, as the Multisteam function ensures that one generator is always producing steam. 

Less maintenance 

We design our steam generators with great attention to detail. They are meant to withstand many years of use without interruption and with a minimum of attention. The steam generator is supplied with an automatic flush which can be set according to the water quality in your area. 

Energy saving 

Scandinavian design has always been influenced by ideas of care and efficiency. That is why we have used technology to make our steam generators as efficient as possible. With a standby mode and our patented ‘divided output’ function, energy consumption can be up to 30% lower. When the air in the steam room has reached the desired temperature, the output from the steam generator is reduced to a level sufficient to maintain this temperature. 

Technical information

With precise quality control, smart technology and a strong focus on water and energy use, we have designed Tylö steam generators to produce the smallest possible impact on our environment. 

Take control of your public facility 

Control your public facility directly from the Elite control panel or install your control panels so you can control all your saunas and steam rooms directly from the computer in the reception. Elite makes use of the local Wi-Fi, which also enables control and monitoring directly from your phone with Tylö’s own Wellaccess app, which is available for both iOS and Android.


Technical information
Length (mm) 585
Warranty (y.) 2
Delivery time (d.) 30-60
Dimensions height (mm) 685
Dimensions width (mm) 230
Water tank capacity, (l) 8,4