Harvia HGD110

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: HGD110

Delivery time (days): 7-21 days

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Steam generator steam saunas Harvia HGD110, affixed to the wall. 

Price: 1,780.00€
Prices apply without delivery charge.

Steam generator for steam baths Harvia HGD110, wall-mounted. Power - 10.8 kW.

The steam generator set includes: electronic control panel, temperature sensor, steam nozzle (1 pc.), Safety valve, water drain valve.

The HGD45 and HGD60 can be connected to both single-phase and three-phase mains.

Models HGD90, HGD11 and HGD15 are connected only to the three-phase mains 400V 3N ~.

The control panel can control the steam bath temperature, operating time, pre-start time, light, ventilation, scented essence pump, automatic rinsing device.

Technical information
Warranty (y.) 2 years
Delivery time (days) 7-21 days
Output (kW) 10.8
Dimensions height (mm) 500
Dimensions width (mm) 580
Dimensions depth (mm) 220
Weight (kg) 11.8
Supply voltage, phase 230 V 1N~ , 400 V 3N~