Spare parts for heaters Harvia Legend Home XE, Delta XE, Moderna XE, Cilindro XE, Glow XE

Brand: Harvia Oy

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Spare parts for Harvia heaters XE models.

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Product code Product
WX207 Contactor K1, 3-phase
WX247 Temperature sensor, 135 Celsius, without cable
WX248 Temperature sensor, 125 Celsius, without cable
WX311 Datacable 5 m
WX380 Display board XE
WX600 Circuit board
WX601 Control panel Xafir
WX683 Circuid board XE
WX694 Control panel Xenio Wifi
ZSC-145 Sensor bracket
ZSK-510 Timer
ZSK-520 Thermostate/overheating limiter switch
ZSK-684 On/Off-switch
ZSM-40 Air-flow spoiler, Moderna
ZVR-653 Installation flange
ZST-220 Knob for thermostat
ZST-230 Knob for timer
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Delivery time (days) 14-28