SPA Refresh

Brand: Fonteyn SPA

Product Code: refresh

Delivery time (d.): 15 - 37 days

Hydromassage pool for 5 persons. Dimensions: 2.04 x 2.04 x 0.85 m.

Price: 5,521.00€
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Dimensions: 2.04 x 2.04 x 0.85 m.

designed for five people
a multi-hull
ozone water disinfection system oxidacijos
26 active water jets
8 air jets
luxury head restraint
LED 14 points
programmable filtering system

high flow (3 hp) pump
digital control
heating 3 kW heater
a water content of 1380
Empty weight: 250 kg
Installation: polyurethane tubing
Electrical connection: 240 V/16

Technical information
Country of Manufacture NL
Warranty (y.) Not specified
Delivery time (d.) 15 - 37 days