Sawo sauna set “More steam“ premium, colored, black 4,0 L

Brand: Sawo

Product Code: 16394

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Sawo sauna set “More steam“ with pail and ladle. Black.

Price: 155.00€
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Ladles come with different variations to partner with the pails. Longer ladles are suitable for larger sauna rooms where the heater is usually further away from bench.

Size: 50 cm

Wooden pails come with plastic or stainsless steel inserts that prolongs the usage of the wood and are easy to clean. The wooden pails with stainless steel insert also have stylish look that justifies the quality of sauna interior. It can be with a rattan handle or with a solid single or double handle.

Capacity: 4 L

The plastic inner part gives the product a longer life and makes cleaning easy.

Technical information
Delivery time (d.) 14-28