Saunas projects

Sauna projects for various types of saunas. We have been working in the design and installation of saunas for more than 15 years, so we have accumulated a lot of experience, which allows us to prepare both a small sauna and a large sauna project without any problems. 

Sauna projects for the following saunas: 

• Russian steam bath project;

• Finnish sauna project;

• Turkish steam bath project;

• Smoke sauna project;

• Infrared sauna project;

• Combined sauna project;

• Hammam sauna project. 


Each sauna project is unique because we take into account the size of the room, the client's needs and prepare the best sauna project. Our advantage is that we can not only prepare a sauna project, consult, but also offer the best prices, because we also sell all the materials needed for the installation of the sauna: insulation materials, siding boards for the sauna, sauna heaters and sauna accessories. In the estimate of the sauna project, we will provide all the necessary materials and equipment for the full installation of the sauna.pirties projektas nr.2


Sauna projects should be developed only by experienced companies, as this is a high-risk object, the installation of which requires specific knowledge, which ordinary builders do not always have. To get the most accurate price for a sauna project, you should already have a room for the sauna or at least a plan for the future room. A client with a vision of their dream sauna would also greatly facilitate and accelerate our work in preparing the sauna project.


The sauna project you order from our company will be suitable and clear to your builders if you decide that you do not want to use our sauna installation service. Please note that we are engaged in the installation of all types of saunas throughout Lithuania and the European Union.
The most common sauna project is a traditional sauna, which consists of an anteroom, a sauna room and a washroom. Recently, however, there has been a huge increase in the number of Turkish steam bath enthusiasts, which is why Turkish steam bath projects are gaining popularity. Yes, we can prepare a Turkish bath project, we also produce special curved Turkish bath benches, as well as offer steam generators and all other necessary Turkish bath attributes and equipment.
Before choosing or thinking about a sauna project, you should think about what your dream sauna is like.

Traditionally, a sauna project consists of an anteroom, a washroom and a sauna. It is wrong to make the sauna room the largest, because usually people enter the sauna several times, changing, and when the sauna is over, everyone gathers in the anteroom, so this room should be the largest.

When preparing a sauna project, we pay attention and suggest that you pay attention to the following factors: whether the sauna will be used only for family members, how many family members like to bathe, whether guests and relatives will come often, or maybe the sauna will be for a rural tourism homestead. In some cases, you may not even need an anteroom!

Contact our professional staff, who are always ready to draw your dream sauna project. The price of the sauna project is negotiable. If the sauna is installed by our company - the sauna project is free. We work all over Lithuania and Europe!

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