Sauna oven

The sauna heater is the most important element of the sauna. There are several types of sauna heaters, the most popular being wood-burning and electric, but there are even gas sauna heaters. It is not easy to choose a sauna heater, especially if the budget is limited, so when choosing a cheaper sauna heater, it is necessary to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages. Sauna heaters differ according to the following aspects, which should be paid attention to:


• Quality of the sauna heater;

• Economy of the sauna heater;

• What kind of microclimate do you want to achieve with the chosen heater;

• How many stones fit in the sauna heater.


It is very important that the heater is neither too weak nor too powerful. An underpowered heater will not heat the room. Each manufacturer indicates what power heaters are suitable and what volume the room should be. The thicker the fuel metal of the sauna heater, the longer the service life of the heater. It is also very important to look into the metal alloy of the fuel.


Brands. What is the best?

The title of the best value for money belongs to heaters from Finnish manufacturers Narvi and Harvia. Because the Finns know the art of bathing best and have the deepest traditions, they set the highest demands on the manufacturers of their sauna heaters! None of the Lithuanian or Estonian manufacturers can match these heaters either in terms of technological or design solutions.


Electric sauna heaters


In our store, we sell electric heaters of these and many other brands:








The biggest advantage of an electric heater is its compactness. Also, they are easy to manage, they do not require a lot of maintenance, if installed following all the instructions, there is less fire risk than wood-burning heaters, a huge selection of models and manufacturers.


Electric sauna heaters are quite young, they appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, but due to their convenience, they quickly spread throughout the world. After all, electric sauna heaters not only save space and are easy to operate, but also require almost no maintenance.


elektrines krosneles HeloElectric sauna heaters are divided into the following types:


• Open-type sauna heaters;

• Closed type (heat accumulating) sauna heaters;

• Sauna heaters hung on the wall;

• Sauna heaters placed on the floor;

• Large sauna heaters;

• Small sauna heaters;

• With and without integrated control unit;

• With or without steam generators.


Electric sauna heaters are suitable for all types of sauna, both dry Finnish sauna and steam sauna! The air and stones of the sauna are heated by special heating elements, and stones are added to them, the amount of which is less than the required amount of stones for wood-burning heaters. The average amount of stones required is about 20 kg, but can vary from 6 to 300 kg. Due to the smaller amount of stones, the amount of steam produced by an electric heater is also lower, so the air will be slightly drier than in a wood-burning sauna.


When many people hear the words "electric heaters" they think that you can't pour water on them and get steam, it is deeply rooted in our subconscious that electricity and water are incompatible things. However, this is not true, all electric heaters can be filled with water and all can produce steam. One of the major disadvantages of electric heaters is that their walls get very hot. To solve this, wooden fences are used, which you can also purchase in our store in Klaipėda and in the online store This problem is also solved by electric thermoaccumulation heaters, their uniqueness and advantage is that they store the main heat in a well-insulated container with stones. Arguably, these heaters have no drawbacks and are practically identical to wood heaters.


If your family members like different types of saunas, some are more humid and some are drier, we recommend choosing a sauna heater with a steam generator, because this type of heater allows you to enjoy different types of saunas, both dry and wet.


elektrines krosneles valdymo pultas


For more convenient management

Electric sauna heaters are equipped with a mechanical or electronic control unit. Electronic control units are much more accurate, they can set the heating temperature with an accuracy of 1 degree. In heaters with a steam generator, not only the temperature is controlled, but also the relative humidity. These heaters are one of the most versatile for choosing the right temperature and humidity ratio. Very different types of saunas can be enjoyed with the same heater, from a gentle steam to a hot sauna.


Important! Do not forget that electric sauna heaters must be grounded. Failure to ground may result in electric shock.


An electric heater is classified as equipment that should be connected by specialists, after all, you don't want the control unit to be burned or the heater to fail if connected incorrectly. A very common mistake is made when connecting an electric sauna heater, it is connecting through the current leakage protection, but this should not be done! We not only offer a wide range of heaters, but also provide a heater connection service.


Wood-burning sauna heaters 


In our store, we sell wood-burning heaters of these and many other brands:


KOTA wood-burning heaters;

HARVIA wood-burning heaters;
HELO wood-burning heaters;
NARVI wood-burning heaters;
AITO wood-burning heaters;
KASTOR wood-burning heaters;
TMF wood-burning heaters;


If you want high-quality steam, you should choose a wood-burning sauna heater that can hold a large amount of stones. If you like heavier and wetter steam - you need a storage-type wood-burning heater. For dry, non-skin-burning steam, choose a wood-burning heater with a grate. In order for a wood-burning sauna heater to last a long time, fire it correctly. The metal of the wood-burning heater must be red-hot, if the metal turns orange, it means that the heat should be reduced, because the metal is overheated, and for this reason, the sauna heater may catch fire. The stones of the wood-burning sauna heater should heat up to a temperature of 300-500 degrees, then the best, most abundant and driest steam of the Russian sauna type is extracted.

If you like a sauna with a temperature of about 70 degrees, you need a storage-type heater with a lid. The advantage of these heaters is that you can heat the room up to 70 degrees without burning the oxygen. When you reach the desired temperature, you open the lid of the sauna heater and pour water on the heated stones.


Accumulator-type wood-burning sauna heaters:

Narvi Steam Master;

Aito AK-95 ST.


The oldest type of sauna is the smoke sauna


We can offer you the accumulator-type smoke sauna heater Aito. This type of smoky sauna heater is also called a white smoky sauna heater, because in it the smoke enters the chimney through the stones and the stones heat up not only to red, but also to white. The steam in such heaters is both light and steady. It is one of the most efficient steam generators, which can generate steam even the next morning. If you are a fan of a dry sauna, a wood-burning sauna heater with a grid would be the most suitable for you, because the steam they emit is dry and does not burn the skin. Sauna heaters of this type can accommodate a large number of stones. The advantage of such sauna heaters is that the sauna heats up evenly.


Our recommended sauna heaters with grid:


Harvia Legend 150, 240, 300.
Harvia Legend 240 Duo, 300 Duo.


Another well-known type of wood-burning sauna heater is the top-loading stone heater, which usually holds 30-60 kilograms of stones. This type of heater is very economical, it quickly heats up the room and the stones, because their quantity is not very large.

Stone-loaded wood-burning sauna heaters that we can recommend are manufactured by Narvi.


We offer not only a wide range of sauna heaters, but also a heater connection service.

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