Sauna oven TMF Alpha Gardarika LIGHT (38103)

Brand: TMF

Product Code: 38103

Delivery time (d.): 15-45

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Suitable for sauna 12-24 m3.

Price: 2,150.00€
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Wood-burning heater Alfa Gardarika is the first TMF heater with natural stone finish. Solid graphite trim strips. For 12–24 m3 saunas. Natural stone not only looks great, but is also safe and practical to use. The heater is designed for a truly Russian sauna and has a patented double steam extraction technology.


Dimensions (WxDxH) 790x510x1040 mm
For 12–24 m3 saunas.
Heating capacity: 59 l
Required amount of stones: 60 kg
Weight: 150 kg
Firewood length: 400 mm
Minimum chimney height: 5m
Chimney diameter: 115 mm

The stones are purchased separately.

Technical information
Combustion chamber type External
Warranty (y.) 3
Delivery time (d.) 15-45
Recommended sauna size (m3) 12-24
Weight (kg) 150