Sauna installation

Our company is engaged in the installation of all types of saunas

Sauna installation for the following types of saunas:pirties įrengimas
• Installation of frame saunas;

• Installation of a Russian steam bath;

• Installation of a Finnish sauna;

• Installation of a Turkish steam bath;

• Installation of a smoke sauna;

• Installation of an infrared sauna;

• Installation of a combined sauna;

• Installation of a hammam sauna.


Many people think that installing a sauna is an expensive pleasure, but the cost of installing a sauna depends on many components! We can ensure a competitive price for installing a sauna, because we have our own employees who have been installing saunas for many years, and we also sell all the equipment needed for installing a sauna, from paneling, installation materials, electric heaters, wood-burning heaters to sauna whisks. Sauna goods:


Installing a sauna is a very responsible and careful job, irresponsibly, an improperly installed sauna can even cause a fire! Choose only reliable craftsmen who will not only install the sauna, but also take responsibility for the work done!


Installation of a sauna. The biggest mistakes!

Chimney installation

The first and biggest mistake is incorrect chimney installation! The heater must be placed near the chimney and connected to it as low as possible. You should also remember to clean the soot regularly. If there is no place for a chimney in the room where you plan to install a sauna, it is best and safest to choose an electric heater. Many sauna fires are also caused by incorrectly installed heaters. Sauna installation will be safe when safe distances are observed when installing the sauna heater. Manufacturers perform safety tests on their heaters, so they know best how far they should be installed. It is necessary to follow the installation instructions for sauna heaters. What can happen if you install the heater too close to the wall? Spontaneous ignition of wood can occur already at a temperature of 160 degrees. Therefore, there should be non-combustible materials behind the wood-burning heater - minerite board, bricks, etc. Distances depend on the size, type and manufacturer of the heater.


Important: do not forget to fence the heater! It is necessary to do this, because a child who slips or is distracted can lean on the heated surface of the heater and suffer severe burns. The installation of a sauna and a neat electrical installation must be inseparable. Use only cables with heat-resistant insulation. Incorrect installation of the electrical installation in the sauna will at best result in exposed wires, at worst - in a fire.


Extinguishing equipment

Installing automatic sauna extinguishing equipment is necessary, as it does not make up a large part of the sauna installation price. All you need is some pipes and automatic sprinklers. These sprinklers turn on when a certain temperature is reached.



An equally important part of the correct sauna installation is the correctly selected and placed stones. It is very important that the stones are suitable and do not emit harmful substances when heated, so it is best to purchase them from specialized sauna stores. Here you will find certified stones specifically for sauna heaters, and professional staff will provide advice on which stones would be the most suitable for your heater. When placing stones in both electric and wood-burning heaters, they should be placed so that there are gaps between them and air can circulate freely between the stones.

Every one year the stones should be re-selected and checked if they are still suitable for use. Take two stones and tap one against the other, if the sound is muffled or the stone splits, crumbles - it is no longer suitable for use and must be replaced. Bad stones crumble, clog the spaces between the stones, air cannot circulate, the sauna does not heat up as quickly and well as before, the service life of the sauna heater is shortened.

When installing a sauna heater, it is very important that it has the right power. If you choose the wrong power, the sauna will heat up for a long time, and if you pour water on the stones, it will cool down quickly, because the heater will not be able to maintain the right temperature.


Sauna installation: a properly installed ventilation system allows you to enjoy the sauna!


The ventilation of the sauna should be arranged so that the air in the sauna circulates freely and changes from 6 to 10 times. In the sauna itself, the air should move in a circle, start rising from the sauna heater towards the ceiling, pass through the entire sauna, descend in the farthest corner from the entrance, and flow back to the heater from below.



The installation of the sauna will not be done correctly if you forge the finishing boards directly on the vapor barrier foil, there must be a gap of at least 2-2.5 cm between the foil and the finishing boards, which allows air to move and protects the paneling from rotting. Chipboards cannot be hammered down to the floor tiles. Chipboards should end at least 10 cm before the tiles to prevent moisture and rotting.


Sauna benches

Installation of sauna benches. The best wood is the one that heats up the least, because wood that heats up strongly is unpleasant to touch with the naked body and burns the skin. The best wood for this is linden, black alder or abachi (African wood), cedar wood.


Important: the sauna door must open to the outside of the sauna and must not have any locks or shutters to prevent the door from getting stuck.
Here we have listed only a few aspects that you need to know in order to install the sauna correctly. We suggest not to save money and hire a company that knows the intricacies of installing a sauna and can take all the worries off your shoulders. UAB "Poilsio spremdani" can ensure quality performance of works. We have been working in the field of sauna installation for more than 10 years! We install saunas throughout Europe!

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