Sauna fan Sodeca

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Sauna fan. Centrifugal single-inlet, medium-pressure fans with casing and sheet steel impeller.

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Centrifugal single-inlet, medium-pressure fans with casing and sheet steel impeller
- Steel sheet casing
- Impeller with forward-facing blades made from galvanised sheet steel
- Model CMP 38-2M casing made from cast aluminium

- Motors with IE-2 efficiency. except for motors with lower powers than 0.75 kW. single-phase motors or two-speed motors
- Class F motors with ball bearings. IP55 protection. except single-phase models which have IP54 protection. Model CMP-38 IP21 protection
- Single-phase 230V -50Hz. and three-phase 230/400V.50Hz. (up to 5.5HP.) and 400/690V.-50Hz. (power over 5.5HP.)
- Max. air temperature to transport: -20ºC.+ 120ºC.. maximum +100ºC. model CMP-38

- Anticorrosive finish in polyester resin. polymerised at 190ºC. after nanotech and phosphate-free pre-treatment

On request:
- Special windings for different voltages
- Fan designed to transport air up to 250ºC
- Stainless steel fans
- ATEX Certification. category 2 (see CMP/ATEX series)

Technical information
Warranty (y.) 1
Delivery time (d.) 14-28
Weight (kg) 1.8