Sauna heat insulation Sauna-Satu

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SPU Sauna is suitable for insulating sauna walls and ceilings as well as the ceiling surfaces of other rooms containing plumbing. 

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SPU Sauna is suitable for insulating sauna walls and ceilings as well as the ceiling surfaces of other rooms containing plumbing. The insulation boards can also be used in other spaces as the interior insulation layer of structures with panel cladding. SPU Sauna is suitable for use in new building and renovation alike.

An efficient space-saving package 

Thanks to its excellent thermal insulation capacity, the amount of SPU Sauna needed is only about one-half of the amount that would be needed for, say, mineral wool. Installed on a stone wall, SPU Sauna allows more than 10 cm additional space in the sauna room. The aluminium paper surface of the insulation boards reflects back some of the heat radiation, thus improving the overall heat insulation capacity of the structure.

Quick and easy 

SPU Sauna insulation boards are easy to modify and attach. The panels can be cut, milled, drilled and nailed. The insulation boards have full tongue-and-groove edging all round, so that fitting the insulation layer is quick and reliable. The lightweight boards are easy to handle even in cramped spaces. SPU Sauna is ideal for use with both stone and timber structures.

Protects structures

SPU Sauna prevents mould damage because the structure of the insulation board prevents water from penetrating wall and ceiling structures. Final water-tightness is ensured by using sealing foam and aluminium tape in the joints and lead-ins of the panels.

Durable and safe

SPU Sauna does not become damaged by moisture or shrinkage, decay or mould. It withstands the hot and humid conditions of a sauna extremely well. Thanks to SPU Sauna, the structure is always optimally airproof, sealing out both heat and humidity. Thus, the sauna heats up safely and energy consumption is minimised. SPU Sauna withstands a continuous temperature of +100oC.


Walls and suspended ceiling structures in saunas and showering spaces as well as the wall and ceiling structures of other spaces provided with panel cladding.

Board sizes: 600 x 1200 mm
Thickness: 30 mm
Thermal conductivity: λD 0,023 W/mK
Tongue-and-groove: Full tongue-and-groove edging all round
Coating: Aluminium laminate on both sides of the board

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Technical information
Thermal conductivity λD 0,023 W/mK
Delivery time (d.) 7-14 days
Thickness (mm) 30
Outside diameter (mm) 600 x 1200