Protopi Vulkan Podkova 14C

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Delivery time (d.): 28-30

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Protopi Vulkan Podkova 14C - wood-burning sauna stoves of closed and open type for steam sauna up to 14 m3.
The advantage of this model is the generation of two stages of steam: water is supplied through a pipe to the stones of a closed heater heated to a temperature of 600 ° C, and the resulting steam is supplied via steam lines to an open heater. The stones are placed in a grate with a corrugated surface with an enlarged outer surface. The stove quickly heats the steam bath and produces light steam more efficiently. The model has an elongated outer fireplace, so firewood is placed from the adjacent room (fence). Another advantage of the model is the door with glass, which allows you to control the combustion process.

• 6 mm steel furnace with cast iron grate;
• pull-out ashtray;
• sealed removable doors with glass;
• a pipe for supplying water to a closed heater;
• closed stone container with steam outlets;
• an open container with a wave-like grid;
• collector to connect the chimney.

The furnace, outer casing and outer grille are made of structural steel. The outer surfaces of the furnace are painted with heat-resistant anti-corrosion paint, which can withstand high temperatures - up to + 900 ° C.

Features of the Vulkan stove:

• The outer container is wave-shaped and has a higher heat dissipation.
• The water supply to the hottest stones in the closed heater provides light steam, which is "polished" in an open heater.
• The absence of internal cavities where soot can settle simplifies the operation of the furnace.
• The intensity of combustion is conveniently adjusted by changing the position of the ash container.
• The 6 mm thick closed steel furnace has a large opening with a lid through which it is convenient to place stones.
• Removable frame around the perimeter of the firebox allows to hide the wall gap after installation.
• The door is equipped with heat-resistant glass to monitor combustion.

Use solid sauna stones such as Jadeite, Raspberry Quartzite to fill the containers of the Vulkan wood-burning stove.

Technical information
Warranty (y.) 2
Delivery time (d.) 28-30
Recommended sauna size (m3) 5-14
Dimensions height (mm) 770
Dimensions width (mm) 475
Dimensions depth (mm) 800
Stone capacity max. (kg) 120
Weight (kg) 65
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 115