Pouring over tub with a plastic liner

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Extreme shower made from oak with a plastic liner with a volume of 20 liters. Product is equipped with special bracket for mounting to the wall.

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Pouring over tub with a plastic liner, 20 L, oak. After the sauna it is always a pleasure to pour over yourself a bucket of cold water, extreme shower will help you with that. Buying this product, you actually become an owner of your own ice-hole. Such feelings you will not get in tube with cold water or wooden swimming pool without risk to your health.

Bucket height - 29 cm;

Bucket diameter at the top - 37 cm;

The bucket capacity - 20 l;

Width with bracket - 47 cm;

Depth with bracket - 49 cm;

Chain length - 89 cm.

Technical information
Country of Manufacture LT
Warranty (y.) Not specified
Delivery time (d.) 1 - 13 days
Weight (kg) 20