Pool equipment

The installation of swimming pools is a complex and demanding job. In order to install a swimming pool of high quality so that the swimming pool and its equipment do not cause any worries, we always recommend to contact specialists who specialize in the installation of swimming pools and have been doing this for several years.


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Before installing a pool, you should decide what type of pool you want.

Pools are divided into public and private, these are divided into outdoor and indoor, and then into concrete, plastic, frame, spa and garden pools. We will help you decide which pool to install, with a brief introduction to the types of pools.


Installation of concrete indoor and outdoor pools

If you want to install a durable, long-lasting pool, you should choose concrete pools. Another advantage of a concrete pool is that they can be installed in any size and can also be formed into a variety of shapes. Unfortunately, this type of pool cannot be moved from one location to another. It is extremely important that the pool is concreted using the right materials and adhering to all technologies, as this type of pool defect repair can cost huge amounts.


Installation of plastic indoor and outdoor pools

The advantage of plastic pools is that they are cheaper than concrete ones, their installation is simpler and faster, because you do not need a reinforced concrete frame or waterproofing to install these pools. However, they do not have the same durability and longevity as concrete pools. Pools of this type are resistant to our climatic conditions and can be installed outdoors without fear.

The pools are made of organic polypropylene, so they are not harmful to health.


Installation of decorative pools

If you have little space, or you just like small decorative pools, we can help you and install a decorative pool. Its advantages are that they can be adapted to any environment, made, of any size or shape, decorated with a fountain, waterfall, cascade or even a stream.

Installation of massage spa pools

We offer the highest quality spa pools. These are not only reliable and durable pools, but also ecological and economical e. energy consuming pools. Before installing a spa pool, you can even choose the set and shape of the spa pool, color, size, number of seats, number of nozzles, lighting, music equipment, and many other accessories.


Installation of massage spa baths

We offer the highest quality spa baths made in the Netherlands, according to Dutch quality standards. The Dutch are people who care for nature and love nature, therefore their spa baths not only use e-economy sparingly. energy, but are also environmentally friendly. A swimming pool is not just a luxury item, it is also a health benefit.


Advantages of swimming pools:

  • Swimming pool helps to get rid of excess weight;
  • All muscles of the human body work during swimming;
  • Fever perfectly reduces stress, improves the work of the nervous system;
  • Swimming activates kidney function;
  • Swimming helps lower cholesterol in the body.


A modern swimming pool is no longer just a pit with water, it can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as: lighting, automatic water heating, automatic pool care dispenser, automatic filter washers, cleaning equipment, water cascades, hydromassage jets and other accessories. It is very important that the pools are installed by specialists, as these are complex hydraulic installations and only specialists can advise and install the pool in such a way that there are as few problems as possible during its maintenance and operation. Not only can we equip your pool, we also sell pool care products!


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