Bath Brooms, Types, and Usage

Bath Brooms, Types, and Usage

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You need to use bath brooms to improve the pleasures and benefits of a sauna. Bath brooms cleanse the skin, get rid of the toxins, and refresh the body. It is no secret that bath brooms are one of the most necessary elements of a good sauna. A massage with these brooms has healing and preventive benefits. A positive result is possible if you have a right broom.

What Kind of Bath Brooms There Should Be

First of all, bath brooms need to be made of natural material. The most popular are oak and birch, as well as cherries, spruce, juniper, bamboo, etc. A choice like this matters a lot because a certain kind will help with a particular problem. To enjoy your sauna to the fullest, we need to discuss different bath brooms and their benefits. 

Oak brooms. Perfect for people who have fat and problematic skin. Essential oils which are found in oaks cleanse the skin. On top of that, they moisturize and nourish sebaceous glands.  Oak brooms help to soothe the nerves, eliminate fatigue, tension, and improve your mood as well as the quality of sleep.
Lime brooms. These brooms help with getting rid of wounds. They also make your skin elastic, and natural colors return faster. Lime calms human's nervous system. Vitamin C improves the immune system. It is ideal for those who feel like they are about to catch a cold. 
Birch brooms. One of the most popular choices. Birch fights against acne and cleans salts in the body. It prevents asthma and improves lungs. Healing cough using birch brooms is also possible. Women who use birch can reduce the visibility of various stretch marks. 
Eucalyptus brooms. If you have respiratory diseases, then eucalyptus should be your choice. Eucalyptus' scent destroys bacteria and relaxes the nasal mucus. Eucalyptus balances blood circulation, reduces joint pain, heals skin lesions. Eucalyptus brooms help you relax and forget problems, if only for a little bit.
Bamboo brooms. These brooms are a bit unusual from what you might expect. You have a few bamboo sticks put together. The looks may be a bit strange, but these brooms are effective. The most common use for them is when there has been an accident, and you want to reduce the pain. Make sure you use them with restraint. They are also good when fighting obesity and skin problems, as well as stress and depression. 
It would be worth mentioning that brooms do not necessarily need to be made from a single plant. You can combine different plants to create the ultimate effect.

How Should You Dry the Bath Brooms?

There are a few things to know about drying and keeping these brooms. First of all, you need to prepare them. 
The simplest thing would be going to a specialized store and buying it. However, if you prepare everything yourself, you will know that you have a quality broom. 
It is best to collect broom twigs in spring when trees already have young leaves. 
Collect twigs when it is dry outside, and as far away from a city as possible. Ideally, it should be a clean forest. The thickness of a broom should make it comfortable to hold it. At the same time, it should not be too thin. Keep brooms in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.

Drying Bath Brooms

Follow these recommendations for the most optimal results:

•    You cannot wash the leaves before leaving the bath brooms to dry.
•    The best drying place is in a shadow. Leaving it in direct sunlight can cause too much dryness. Leaves will lose their effect.

Proper Use of Bath Brooms

Follow these steps to fill your sauna with healing herbal flavor:

•    Drench the brooms in water for about 12 hours before using them.
•    Afterward, take them out and moisten the leaves with a damp cloth.

This method ensures longevity because the broom will not lose its properties. Moreover, you do not need to waste the remaining water. Instead, use it in the sauna by pouring it on the rocks. 
If you want to use the brooms again, wash them with hot water and leave to dry. You need to follow specific rules to make use of the healing properties. It is best if you have two bath brooms. Also, make sure you monitor the temperature inside the sauna. High temperature means you need to be slower with your movements, and lower temperature means the opposite. Do not let the brooms to become dry. Try to moisten them regularly.
Make sure your skin is warm and start with the back. There are a couple of massage techniques:

•    Brushing. Gently move the broom through the body, starting with your legs and finishing with the head. 
•    Compression. You press the broom in certain body parts, such as knees, back, buttocks.
•    Shifting brushing is what you call gentle strokes to your body.
•    "Refrigeration" is used after the sauna. You rub the skin with a broom.

You can fight a lot of health problems by using bath brooms. However, make sure that your body is warm before you use them. Ideally, bath brooms should be used when you are entering the sauna for the second time.