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Product Code: 200VT100THR1

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The Pego Vision touch control panel is designed for sauna generators.

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CAPACITIVE TOUCH control for humidity and temperature management with all seasoning functions.
It offers a smart TFT 7" display equipped with a capacitive touch screen, state-of-the-art software and an advanced interface for easy and intuitive use.
• Seasoning/drying rooms.
• Storage rooms with or without humidity control.
• Climatic rooms for humidostatic tests, temperature and climatic cycles.

 Main characteristics
• NEW! Automatic e-mail sending in case of alarm.
• Web server for remote access.
• Datalogger function.
• TFT 7'' high definition dysplay (800x480 WVGA), led backlighting and capacitive touch screen.
• Front with 1,1 mm chemically treated glass.
• Ability to reverse the viewing angle of the display to ensure the possibility of mounting at any height.
• Devices: USB 2.0, microSD, RS485, Ethernet.
• Acustic signals.
• IP65 frontal protection.
• Light sensor for the automatic regulation of brilliance.
• High quality design and icons.
• Touch screen interface with gestures, for a more intuitive control.
• Clock and calendar (RTC).
• Different password for user and installator function.
• Multilanguage.
• Customizable user parameters menu (it allows to hide the functions not used, semplifyingthe menu).
• Contestual help in parameters configuration menu.
• Software updating from microSD or USB.
• Alarm register with popup advice messages.
• Advanced HACCP function with detailed temperature and humidity alarms memorization.
• 20 programmes completely customizable can be memorized on the equipment.
• Possibility of exporting and importing programmes and paramenters on USB or microSD supports.
• Automatical management of 21 functions for each programme.
• Manual or automatical functioning with selectioned programme execution.
• Possibility of forcing a manual skipping phase during the execution of a programme.
• Possibility of setting the execution modality at the end of an automatic programme such as: maintenance / cyclical / stand by (for this last one you have also the possibility of activating the alarm of programme finished).
• Diagram of the programme in execution with different progresses (phases already executed, phases in execution and phases to be executed) and representation of all the setted values and all the remaining times.
• Temperature regulation range: -45°C/+99°C; humidity regulation range: 0-100 R.H.%
• Heat and humidity can b e excluded to manage storage cells with defrost activation.
• Dehumidifying programme with cold / hot / indipendent free voltage contact.
• Functions management: temperature (hot/cold) and humidity (humidifying/dehumidifying) regulation; defrosting (electrical or hot gas); refreshment; dripping; programmed or automatic air exchanges with energy saving function and external temperature/humidity probes reading; modular valves hot/cold water management; essence input in automatic programs management; evaporator fans speed management (digital outputs slow/fast or with 0-10V signal); possibility of activate internal air re-circles for destratification.
• "Test center" mood for verifying in simple and intuitive way all the digital and analogical inputs/outputs.
• Serial RS485 connection with TeleNET or Modbus protocol selectable by parameter.

• ACCFLTOUCH: wall-mounting accessory with spring insertion.
• COPL24II: protection in transparent polycarbonate IP65.


Technical information
Length (mm) 191
Delivery time (days) 7-30
Height, mm 151
Adjustable temperature min-max °C -45°C/+99°C