PEGO ventilation FAN 80

Brand: EOS Saunatechnik GmbH

Product Code: 400UMFAN80

Delivery time (days): 30-60

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Price: 496.10€
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Ventilated steam distributors designed to allow direct room humidification without air conduits or evaporators.
These can be installed directly on ES / ES MINI EasySTEAM humidifiers or in remote position thanks to the wall-mounting accessory

EASYSTEAM fan-assisted distributors mix the steam produced by the humidifiers with an airflow generated by a cross-flow fan;  this mixture is then  introduced into the indoor environment at a speed and rate proportional to the size of the humidifier, thus ensuring an optimal ratio of humidification / efficiency loss caused by the condensation effect.
Ventilation occurs simultaneously with steam production; the shape of the head prevents direct introduction of condensation water droplets into the environment.

Direct steam distribution in the room.

FAN-80 fan - for ES MINI 3-M; ES MINI 6 generators

FAN-100 fan - for 3M, 6M, 6T generators

FAN-150 fan - for 12T, 24T generators.

Technical information
Country of Manufacture Italy
Delivery time (days) 30-60
Dimensions height (mm) 123
Dimensions width (mm) 310
Dimensions depth (mm) 186
Supply voltage, phase 230V 50/60Hz