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Protection containing natural wax for interior wooden surfaces in saunas.

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Protection containing natural wax for interior wooden surfaces in saunas.
Wax is absorbed into the wood and it forms a humid and dirt resistant surface.
Sauna benches, panelled walls and ceilings, doors and window frames.

The tool prevents the appearance of fungus and harmful microorganisms. It has powerful hydrophobic properties - protects from moisture.

The composition of Patchwork Wax includes the following substances:

· Beeswax;

· Gum turpentine.

· Propolis

These components give the impregnation a pleasant pine aroma, with a slight touch of propolis. In the process of coating should ensure good ventilation of the room, as the smell can be quite strong.
This wood impregnation has many advantages. The most basic advantage is its ability to beneficially influence the human body. It is worth noting that there are no chemical additives in the composition - all components are absolutely natural and safe.

In addition, when wood is coated with wax, the color of the building material is preserved to the full, giving a honey tone to the wood. Also retained structure. Wax gives the appearance of the material a noble depth. Due to high-quality impregnation, wood does not require additional processing with chemical agents that negatively affect human health. When used indoors, the characteristics of wood are maintained for up to 10 years. Product has been certified and meets all requirements for impregnation in accordance with GOST R 51696-2000.

Depending on the intensity of the impact on the wood product, the coating should be periodically updated. To do this, you just need to remove contamination from the surface and apply a new protective layer of Wax.

Since the  Wax is applied to the product in a single layer, the packaging will be enough for a sufficiently large surface area of ​​up to 30 square meters. The average consumption in the calculation is better to take 1 l per 24 square meters. In especially humid places, the composition should be applied in 2 layers. You can buy impregnation for wood at the best price right now on our website.





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