Narvi NM heaters, Steel

Brand: Narvi Oy

Product Code: 17900

Delivery time (days): 14-28

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For sauna from 3 m3 to 15 m3.

Price: From 360.00€
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* Output (kW):

Narvi NM oven is a modern design, easy to operate and durable. Made of high quality materials. A small stove can accommodate as much as 30 kg of stones, so by pouring water on the hot stones, you can get a lot of light steam.

NM Electric ovens are made of different colors of the outer casing - black, gray and stainless steel finish.

Heater output by the size of the bath can choose from three types of powers: 4.5, 6, and 9 kW.

When installing the heater, the controller can adjust the location - be installed on the right or on the left side of the oven.

Stones are not included.

Technical information
Warranty (y.) 2
Delivery time (days) 14-28
Sauna room min. (m3) 3-15
Dimensions height (mm) 580
Dimensions width (mm) 430
Dimensions depth (mm) 280
Stone capacity max. (kg) 25
Weight (kg) 20
Supply voltage, phase 400 V 3N
Control unit Built-in
Sauna room height min (cm) 190