Multipurpose pool maintenance tool Varitab, 5,4 kg

Brand: Bayrol

Product Code: BC0025

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Multifunctional chlorine tablets. 1 tablet - 300 g.

Price: 89.20€
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Varitab ® 300 g multifunctional chlorine tablets consisting of two layers: a shock disinfection of sand filters, disinfectant and permanently removes bacteria and turbidity of the water basin, flocculation, hardness and chlorine stabilization.

Two Varitab ® layers running in different modes:
1) The blue part of the break down in about 10 minutes and remain in the filter. Works in conjunction with a circulating pump, and the granules are dissolved slowly and intensely disinfect the filter for about 30 minutes to safely remove dirt and bacteria;
2) The white halves dissolve slowly and provide long-term disinfection.

Packaging: 5.4 kg.

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