Luminous Fibre Optic Lights for Saunas Fiber 4

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: SASF04

Delivery time (d.): 7-30 days

The recommended sauna room size 3-6 m2.

Price: 1,299.00€
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A stylish lighting solution for your sauna. The recommended sauna room size 3-6 m2.

Set includes:

    4 x 1,4 m (ø2 mm) 
 4 x 1,7 m (ø2 mm) 
 4 x 2,0 m (ø2 mm) 
 4 x 2,3 m (ø2 mm) 
 4 x 2,6 m (ø2 mm) 
 2 x 2,9 m (ø2 mm) 
 2 x 3,2 m (ø2 mm) 
 2 x 3,5 m (ø2 mm) 
 2 x 3,8 m (ø2 mm) 
 1 x 4,0 m (ø4 mm) 

Technical details:

    Supply voltage 90-260 V AC
    Power 10 W
    Output Current 300mA
    Temperature of light 3000 K, warm white light
    50 000 hours
    Illuminator measurements (mm): 105 x 225 x 72

Sauna room installation:

    Glass fiber heat resistant up to 180 °C
    Illuminator can be installed inside a sauna room
    Not to be shortened
    Adequate distance to sauna stove


Technical information
Delivery time (d.) 7-30 days
Weight (kg) 1
Supply voltage, phase 90-260 V AC
Operating time (h) 50 000