Linden Lining AB 14 x 95

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Wood siding for sauna decoration. Choose the length of the siding.

The price is for 1 m2.

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Linden siding

Linden siding for sauna decoration, made of high quality, natural wood, for aggressive sauna and steam sauna conditions. To purchase, be sure to select the required siding length and the number of units you will need. The length of the Linden siding can be chosen from 0.60 m every 10 cm to 3 meters. The larger the siding, the easier it will be to install and the fewer connections required.

The price of the goods is indicated per 1 m2. Cladding: 85 mm.

Wood quality:

Class AB - wood with possible small darkening and dots, with possible small, healthy non-falling branches.

Wood: Linden.

Wood as a finishing material for the sauna is simply necessary. It is difficult to find any other that can withstand such high temperatures and create comfortable conditions for sauna procedures.

Linden siding, its features:

Linden wood has long been used for sauna purposes due to its unique properties:

  • Low density, which ensures high-quality finishing properties of Linden siding walls - even at high temperatures in the sauna, you will not burn when touched;
  • Linden siding has a low thermal capacity, which contributes to the rapid heating of the sauna;
  • The softness that makes the carpenter's job easier;
  • The amount of essential oils is sufficient to maintain a pleasant smell in the sauna;
  • Linden cladding is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and high humidity, does not break and does not break easily;
  • Linden siding has a great look - it is almost solid white, light yellow or amber wood, which creates a cozy environment in the sauna and steam sauna;
  • Linden siding does not shrink and does not lose its elegant appearance, unlike other types of wood;
  • Rot and fungi have almost no effect on Linden.

Linden siding, its advantages and disadvantages:

Linden siding is one of the most popular finishing materials for saunas and steam saunas. Linden siding and other products are easy to process, do not crack, have a yellowish color and emit a pleasant natural aroma. For those who care about the prevention of respiratory diseases, it is recommended to use Linden siding, because this wood is famous for its beneficial effects on the lungs.

The disadvantages of linden are the gradual change in the color and softness of the wood, but when working carefully with the material, this property of linden does not cause any problems - usually the linden siding is strong and durable.

In terms of price, Linden siding is not cheap, but not too expensive: it can be said that in many cases this wood is the "golden mean" in the decoration of the sauna and steam sauna.

Wood care:

In order to protect the wood of the sauna from moisture, if necessary, it is possible only with special water-resistant measures, it is strictly not possible to use paints and varnishes, as any painted or varnished coating emits hazardous substances when heated. If it is already planned that there will be active water treatments in the sauna, it is better not to save and choose moisture-resistant wood types, which will help to avoid the costs of impregnation in the future.

A harmonious finish of the sauna with natural wood, in addition to the healing effect on the body, there will also be a pleasant view for the eyes.


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