Klafs Evitarium bathtub

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Modern relaxation bath with gentle electric current.

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  • Modern relaxation bath with gentle electric current.
  • Light electrical impulses flow through your body and have a positive effect on your body.
  • Stimulates blood circulation by dilating capillaries.
  • Provides muscles with the necessary nutrients.
  • The control panel is located inside the bathroom housing.
  • You can control various functions with the intuitive touch screen.

The soothing effect of EVITARIUM:

Electricity is everywhere - in nature and in our daily lives. Inside our body. Our nervous system communicates through small impulses that control various mechanisms such as muscle contraction or relaxation. A gentle electric current also flows through the eVitarium and partially passes through your body.

RELAXING. The RELAX setting gives your body maximum relaxation. Here, a light current flows from your torso to your legs - giving a wonderfully soothing effect to your tissues and central nervous system. In other words, too tense areas of the body regenerate faster. The RELAX bath essence, which contains argan oil and soybean oil, perfectly complements this setting. Not only does your skin look beautiful, but also the scent of thyme and sage relaxes the mucous membranes.

REFRESHING. As the current flows from your feet to your torso, an energizing effect on the body is felt. Your body fills with new energy - much like a rechargeable battery. ENERGY bath oil further enhances this effect - this ionized hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) plant oil contains orange and mandarin scent extracts.

Touch controls. Turn on the taps, select the desired setting and adjust the current - all these functions can be controlled using eVitarium.

Devices. The water temperature can be regulated via the tap connections. The removable hand shower is convenient not only for washing, but also for cleaning the bath later.

Backrest. Electrodes and taps are imperceptibly placed behind the backrest in the foot area. Depending on the setting selected, the colored LEDs illuminate the water in different colors.

Technical data:

  • Size: 2118 x 825 x 700 mm
  • Weight: ~ 80 kg / with water: ~ 400 kg
  • Volume: ~ 340L
  • Required amount of water: ~ 250L
Technical information
Length (mm) 2118
Delivery time (d.) 14-28
Dimensions height (mm) 700
Dimensions width (mm) 825
Weight (kg) 80