Installing Frame Pools Yourself

Installing Frame Pools Yourself

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Installation of frame pools is possible for professionals and amateurs. Of course, it is better to entrust this process to people who deal with this sort of stuff all the time. Professionals will do the job right and faster. Moreover, if something was to happen to pool equipment, you can ask for replacements. What is the right way to install frame pools? Here is a detailed instruction on how to do everything yourself.



You have a wide array of frame pools to choose from. Round, oval, square, rectangular, and so forth. Of course, there is a difference in width and height, as it depends on personal preference. It does not take long to install frame pools. Moreover, it is easy to dismantle them. Frame pools differ regarding the material they are made of and the method of fastening. The main models are the economic polypropylene pipes. For more sturdy metal and reliability, you can have the basin frame pool, made of iron plates. The bowl of frame pools is made from PVC film. It also makes a difference when purchasing a pool. The strength of the film directly impacts the longevity of the pool. The installation of frame pools does not take a lot of time. On average, it takes about 2 to 4 hours to finish a frame pool for a single person.



Installation of Frame Pools

Installation of Frame Pools Using Plastic Pipes


The most cost-efficient choice would be plastic pipes and PVC film. Some manufacturers throw in a filter with cassettes and film to lay under the pool. 


    Before installation, make sure to read the instruction thoroughly.

    Unpack the film and leave it under the sunlight. Heat helps with elasticity and shape holding.

    All elements, such as parallels and vertical pipes should be put in correct places – in an order in which the pool will be installed. It allows you to see how the pool will look visually.

    Assemble the upper side and materials. Gently spread the film on the ground. The soil must be without sharp rocks or sticks.

    You stretch the film while assembling the elements. When the pool has warm water in it, gradually smooth the film.

    The pool is placed on a foundation.

    Usually, there is a ladder included if you are going with a bigger pool. Put them on a stable surface, so you do not fall while climbing.

    The cassette filter and wiper are mounted once you have the assembled frame, and the pool has water in it. However, it is worth pointing out that a standard filter is a bit too weak. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a stronger model.



Installation of Frame Pool Using Metal Pipes


This method is more reliable. You have sturdy metal pipes which are reinforced with struts. The PVC bowl has a reinforced mesh which greatly maintains its form and adds extra power to the walls of your pool. Such reservoirs have a large capacity and can serve for more than a single year. Installing of such pools is similar to the one above. The biggest difference being firm bolts and nuts instead of plastic reinforcements.



Choosing a Place


Before the installation, you will need to choose the right spot. It is a crucial, though sometimes overlooked part.


    First of all, the sun will warm the water.

    Secondly, if the pool is away from bushes and trees, not in a windy territory, you will avoid dealing with small trash.

    There should be water and electricity nearby.





Pool Installation


You install frame pools on the ground using film and polystyrene plates. Concrete, a wooden ramp, or even compressed sand can work as a foundation. The only thing that you must be certain is that the surface must be completely flat. Otherwise, one of the sides will be under big pressure, causing it to break. The soil is prepared by getting rid of the top layer, rocks, branches, grass. If it is a moored pool, make sure you dig deep enough. Walls and the bottom can be reinforced with some concrete.



Installation of the Pump Filtration System


If you want clear water in your pool, you will need a filter and a water circulation system. It takes a few steps to get everything ready. The skimmers are spread around the pool's perimeter. The filter needs to be powerful, allowing the whole amount of pool's water to pass through it at least a few times a day. Ideally, you should not be using the pool at night.


What to Look Out for When You Are About to Start with Pool Installation?


There are quite a lot of factors to take into consideration before you start:


    Who will be using the pool? If it is exclusively for the kids, it should be smaller. For adults, it needs to be deeper. If it is for the whole family, then an ideal depth is around 120 centimeters.

    There are all sorts of forms in which you can install your pool. Round forms visually reduce the space used, but the oval or rectangular ones will expand it. Of course, you should consider your land and make a decision depending on how much you can spare for the pool.

    It is worth considering whether you will be clearing the pool for the winter or leaving it without touching it.


The bigger the volume, the more difficult and sturdy the design. Installing a pool with a great filter, skimmers, garbage net, nozzles, etc. is a more advanced option so to speak. On the other hand, you will be paying more money. The installation of frame pools varies a lot. Ultimately, it comes down to your decision.