Tycroc UHP

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Tycroc UHP

The under panel Tycroc UHP for the floor heating has been developed to simplify and accelerate the installation of water floor heating. Tycroc UHP is also suitable to be installed on concrete construction, but as the weight of the square meter of the panel is small, the solution is especially valuable in wooden structures / wooden buildings. The extruded polystyrene foam (XPS foam) panel with channels specially cut for heating pipes prevents downward heat loss, whilst the foil paper covering the panel is an excellent heat divider under the flooring.

Tycroc UHP is suitable for installation onto any common bearing surfaces omitting the time-consuming and costly casting works. The installation is simple, fast and clean and requires no additional drying time (like concrete casting). Quickly responsive to temperature control. The solution allows installing the flooring directly onto Tycroc UHP panels. Thanks to the shorter distance between the heating pipe and the flooring, and the lower thermal mass, the heat release is faster and more efficient. Compared to the traditional material-consuming solutions, our solution is also considerably lighter (weight of the panel is only about 1 kg/m²) and with a lower mounting height (thickness of the panel is 25 mm). The XPS panel has good thermal insulation characteristics, thereby providing extra insulation to the floors with insufficient or outright non-existing insulation. The main material of Tycroc UHP – XPS has closed pores and it is water resistant, so the product is highly suitable for the construction of wet rooms.  

Technical data:

    dimensions: 1200x600x25 mm  

    distance between the channels: 200 mm (calculated from the centre of the groove)

    suitable for ∅16 mm heating pipes

    bulk tensity of the XPS-panel: 35m³

    thermal conductivity of the XPS-panel: 0.035 W/(mK)  

    compressive strength of the XPS-panel: ≥ 300 kPa

    water vapour diffusion resistance of the XPS-panel (μ): 100

    capillarity: 0

    watertightness: watertight

    water vapour permeability Sd: < 2.5 m  

    water absorption under prolonged immersion: < 0.2% vol.  

    weight: approx. 1 kg/m²

    temperature of use: ˗50 ˚C / +75 ˚C

    reaction to fire euro class: E


The solution is good for both renovation and construction of new buildings. The under panels for the floor heating can be mounted onto any flat, dry, strong, rigid, and stable bearing surface.

Tycroc UHP can be used under all common floorings, including parquet, wood, ceramic tiles and natural stone. If necessary, the Tycroc UHP panel can be covered with concrete or gypsum casting and different ready-made dry floor covering materials, such as gypsum baseboards, cement fibre boards, or gypsum plasterboards. The parquet, laminate and wood flooring are installed directly onto the Tycroc UHP floating and ceramic tile and natural stones are glued using the proper adhesive for tiles.



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