Infrared cabin Sentiotec Venus Vital

Brand: Sentiotec

Product Code: VENUS-V

Delivery time (days): 14-395

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Venus Vital infrared cabin offers a unique wellness experience thanks to the presence of colored light with 7 colors and two selectable programs.

Price: 2,217.00€
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With the Venus Vital infrared cabin, you are choosing a first-class infrared cabin that impresses with its high-quality workmanship and excellent infrared technology.


  • Dimensions: 1286 x 907 x 1900 mm (width x depth x height);
  • Hemlock inside and outside;
  • With adjustable heating elements;
  • Seat bench made of hemlock.

Product details:

  • Doors (572 x 1725 x 6mm);
  • 2x IR red-light full-spectrum radiator 400 W (back);
  • 2x 250 W heat plates (side);
  • 1x 300 W heat plate (calves);
  • 2x 100 W heat plates (floor);
  • Interior digital control unit;
  • Coloured light (7 colors, 2 programs);
  • Fan;
  • Radio and MP3 player (USB and Bluetooth);
  • Door hinge on right;
  • Infrared radiation with glass: A 9%, B 24%, C 67%.
Technical information
Delivery time (days) 14-395
Height, mm 1900
Width, mm 1286
Depth, mm 907