Infrared cabin Sentiotec MiniMy

Brand: Sentiotec

Product Code: MINIMY-120-B

Delivery time (d.): 28-35

Infrared sauna MiniMy for one person is an excellent solution even for smaller spaces.

Price: 3,743.00€
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Energy and convert it into heat. Infrared radiation has the greatest penetration depth into the tissue and is most effective due to this depth effect. Deeper layers of the skin with more blood flow are reached and the body is warmed from within.

Equipment MiniMy:

  • Sauna cabin dimensions: 1250 x 1030 x 2020 mm (width x depth x height);
  • IR control unit (wave.com4 Infra) with 2 dimmable heating circuits, and IR plate can also be connected;
  • Dimmable LED lighting (warm white);
  • 1x 100 W infrared heat plate;
  • 1x 350 W ECO full-spectrum radiators;
  • 1x 500 W ECO full-spectrum radiators;
  • 1x vent (round) – available as an option: Fan;
  • 1x soapstone bowl for sauna fragrances;
  • Infrared radiation with glass: A 24%, B 55%, C 21%;
  • Single pane safety glass elements;
  • 1x glass door incl. wooden handle 590 x 1915 x 8 mm.
Technical information
Delivery time (d.) 28-35
Height, mm 2020
Width, mm 1250
Depth, mm 1030